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You can call me Hal.

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santa_smex round-up!
ryuzaki is hotter than you
Catching up with my reading finally. (Previous recs here.) Up to Dec 15; I'll do another round-up soon.

Soft Light -- Oshitari/Fuji -- Future fic with lush, grown-up sex. I really liked the sensual atmosphere.

Wind Me Up - MomoKai -- Boys will be boys. ♥

Practice Makes Possession - Sakaki/Ohtori -- Evil bad wrong crossgen, and oh so very sexy.

I already linked this once, because it is for me! The Spice of Life - InuKai -- Sweet, sweet boys. ♥

Pairings I didn't try, but you might want to:
Fuji/Eiji & TezuRyo
Kite/Atobe, Oshitari/Rin

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surprisingly the Osamu/Shiraishi was very cute. VERY Au and a nice holiday fic with a drunken santa saving experience.

That's good to know! It's a bit long so maybe I'll give it a try later on this week.

Am counting down til new Who.

well, yes. :)

have you seen the promo? so Dickenesque!

the Osamu/Shiraishi actually is really nice. After me thinking I would never touch that pairing.:/

BRB choking to death on your icon.

That's good to hear. :)

Ryuuzaki is my hero.

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