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You can call me Hal.

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Happy Festivus!

Feats of Strength: write a one-line fic in comments and I'll write you one back when I get home tonight.

Airing of Grievances: air away!

Festivus Pole: I don't have one. Do you?

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Kaidoh wasn't sure what to make of Oishi's PFLAG support group.

It can't get any worse than this, Momo thought, staring red-faced at the email from Eiji-senpai on "The REAL Most Important Part of Doubles", which Momo had already forwarded to Kaidoh without reading it first, but then his phone rang and it turned out that it could.

Now that Yuuta thought about it, maybe Aniki was right about the reindeer after all.

"Merry Christmas from my stupid brother," Yuuta said and even though Mizuki knew it was definitely just a token of respect from his eternal rival, he thought it couldn't hurt to have Yanagisawa unwrap the box for him.

Inui couldn't help but smile when he opened the gift from Kaidoh: a gorgeous, velour, blue track suit.

I hate my job. but today has been pretty frelling funny when taken in to account.


The blue tracksuit is love.

"Your arm is bruised," Inui says and reaches out to touch it but Kaidoh jumps back, still feeling the dizzying burn of Akutsu's hands on his body, and mutters, "You should see the other guy."

"I see you when you're sleeping, I know when you're awake," Inui sang lowly as he prowled towards the bed wearing a Santa hat and his glasses -- wearing only a Santa hat and his glasses.

1. Even though she had eaten the largest share, Fuu remained bitter that Mugen's reindeer slaughter had ended them all in prison again.

2. You haven't written nearly enough porn relevant to my interests this year.

3. No.

Hee! (Also: icon love!)

"I thought she was alone in there," Mugen said, over Fuu's loud moans from the next cell, and Jin lifted his head to explain, but decided Mugen would be less annoying if he didn't know who Momo was after all.

Momo didn't know what Kaidoh saw in Inui.

Also, there's aFestivus pole in DC. :) I haven't gone to post any grievances, though.

You know, that's not so much fic as opinion. :D

"Your family will make you marry her eventually," Mitsuru says, sitting down on the king-size bed, and Shinobu nods and says, "You can use this closet."


- Children had always mocked Marcus because of his teeth and he learnt really young to make their face even uglier when they dare to say him a word about them.

- Being a Malfoy is hard especially when you're a pretty one.

- Caspian just couldn't believe his eyes when he disarmed the High King for the first time.

_ Inui is definitely doomed: how was it possible he broke his glasses the very day Kaidoh didn't think twice before showing next to him?

Hope this is okay!
And this is a great idea! :)))

These are fun! The Caspian one is v. sexy. :)

Marcus swears when he hears the bang -- his parents spend every Christmas holiday fighting -- and so he's surprised when arms slip around his waist and Oliver whispers in his ear, "Aren't you going to congratulate me on my Apparation license?"

Inui can usually rattle off a dozen different places he'd like to visit -- America, Portugal, Ghana, France -- but right now, lying in bed with his back against the wall and Kaidoh curled up against his chest, he can't remember a single one.

Oh, love!

Kaidoh's chest burns with the cold and his ankle throbs after stepping wrong on a curb, but he keeps running and he's just in time to press his gift into Inui's hand before the train leaves, waving as it pulls away, remembering the look on Inui's face to keep him warm on the walk back home.

For the life of him, none of Inui's data could help him explain why Kaidoh was looking at him that way, not when the frames of his glasses were bent askew on his red, sweaty face, and he was sure that the spikes on his hair had picked up half the dust kitties under the bed.

I love the dust in Inui's hair!

"So, in science class today..." Inui says and Kaidoh sits down to wait, because if Inui doesn't talk himself out before they start making out, he'll just keep talking during.

1 - No matter how fast she ran, the giant mouse kept right on her heels--she knew she shouldn't have taken that cheese.

2 - My dad agreed to buy me the heels I wanted and I couldn't walk in them!

3 - Sadly, no. The tree will have to do.

Hee! Cheese fic!

"He really likes the feather ball," Ryoma says, straddling Tezuka's lap, and Tezuka wishes he'd figured out a year ago that if he wants any sugar, he should bring presents for the cat instead for Ryoma.

Sometimes, when Inui is smoothing his hair flat and bringing him hot tea in bed and reading to him from his favorite book out loud, Kaidoh thinks that in spite of everything, he really doesn't mind being sick all that much after all.

Okay, that's maybe more than a little inspired by my own situation, but still. Happy Festivus!

Aw! I don't think I'd much mind being sick either.

"Hurry up and get better, dumbass," Kaidoh says, putting down the bowl of soup beside Momoshiro's bed, and when Momoshiro compliments Kaidoh's mother's cooking, Kaidoh doesn't bother to correct him.

I hope you're feeling better!

It wasn't as if he didn't have a whole suitcase full of them anyway, Kaidoh justified to himself as he stowed the glasses in the drawer under his socks and underwear.

Um, grievances. I'm tired? XD

I do not know what a Festivus Pole is. :D

*reads through some one-line fics and is happy*

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