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You can call me Hal.

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Happy Whatever
I do not celebrate Christmas but I am celebrating six days off in a row. :) Also, Slam Dunk-mas which involves watching lots of Slam Dunk and sighing over Fujima and Hanagata. I can recommend it.

Happy Birthday, Echizen Ryoma! All I have for you is a one-line TezuRyo fic from yesterday's Festivus post. (I'm open to doing more one-liners, so feel free to add yours there even if Festivus is over.)

"He really likes the feather ball," Ryoma says, straddling Tezuka's lap, and Tezuka wishes he'd figured out a year ago that if he wants any sugar, he should bring presents for the cat, instead for Ryoma.

In other news, I had to wait 1.25 hours for a taxi to take me home last night but then I made some raspberry crumble with a criminal amount of whipped cream so there was a happy ending after all.

Happy, healthy days to you, my friends. ♥

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six days off in a row. :) Also, Slam Dunk-mas

This is why people shouldn't skim: because I thought you would be spending six days drunk.

There was a time when that would have appealed but now that would result in me being hungover for the entire month of January. :)

I totally relate. Actually, I drank four delicious glasses of ale last night, and all day today, I've been wondering why I did that. In those moments between the knife going in and out of my eye, that is. *g*

Happy merry not-Christmas. :)

I wish my eyes would stop burning. It's really my right eye more than my left one but I look like zombie. ;__;

♥ Happy healthy days to you too.

I like zombies. ♥ But I hope you're feeling better soon.

Happy Holidays, Hal!

(Raspberry crumble? Sounds delicious!)

Thank you!

(It really, really was!)

Such a perfect one-liner! ♥ Happy birthday Echizen indeed :DDD

Every once in a while, I manage some TezuRyo that's cute instead of soul-crushing. :D

I'm somewhat frustrated that my plans to read Slam Dunk while on vacation have been foiled by the crappy internet access here. Still, I've got a good chunk of free time before I have to start classes and such again when I get back, so I just have to be patient I guess!

That all sounds lovely. Even if you don't celebrate, gotta love having time off for the holidays! :)

So sad! But I'm really glad you're still interested in it. :) I need to get a new monitor for my desktop asap so I can give the manga another go as well.

Happy Holidays, Hal! ♥♥♥♥

That fic has a completely disproportionate effect on me! I just can't get over Tezuka thinking of it as sugar. How ridiculous and yet sizzling hot!

I think Tezuka is plenty ridiculous inside. He just masks it well. :)

Every time you mention Fujima and Hanagata I remember that game and the effect it caused on me the first time I watched it, that only reading the Eyeshield21 manga games has been able to equal(which feels only natural, given how the authors are Inoue's fanboys). The last game in the manga was superb and climatic to the top, but I think I enjoyed the Shôyo game much, much better.

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