Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Happy Whatever

I do not celebrate Christmas but I am celebrating six days off in a row. :) Also, Slam Dunk-mas which involves watching lots of Slam Dunk and sighing over Fujima and Hanagata. I can recommend it.

Happy Birthday, Echizen Ryoma! All I have for you is a one-line TezuRyo fic from yesterday's Festivus post. (I'm open to doing more one-liners, so feel free to add yours there even if Festivus is over.)

"He really likes the feather ball," Ryoma says, straddling Tezuka's lap, and Tezuka wishes he'd figured out a year ago that if he wants any sugar, he should bring presents for the cat, instead for Ryoma.

In other news, I had to wait 1.25 hours for a taxi to take me home last night but then I made some raspberry crumble with a criminal amount of whipped cream so there was a happy ending after all.

Happy, healthy days to you, my friends. ♥
Tags: can't stop thinking about you, i like robots better than you, tenipuri
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