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You can call me Hal.

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santa_smex round-up #3!
arai & kachiro
Previous round-ups: here and here. Up to Dec 24 with this one.

My reading:

Seven Forty in the Afternoon - InuKai - Crack, crack, sweet InuKai, and crack. Also Horio. ♥

Rematch - Fujicest - Fucked-up and amazing, it hurts like incest fic should.

Two Places at Once - Inui/Yanagi - Freaky Friday, Data Pair style, and oh how sweet it is!

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes - Atobe/Tezuka - past and future, so well done.

Pairings I didn't try, but you might want to:


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Ah, you just reminded me of the Fujicest! I liked that one very much and forgot to pimp it the other day. Well, I think I'll do a final round-up myself as soon as the fest is over. There are pieces like the first one (the AtoRyo), the Fujicest, and a few more that I think deserve more attention too.

It must be hard to do the pimping when you are part of the fest yourself but can't *really* advertise your own story (-ies) just yet. :D Ah, well, January is around the corner.

This year's fest is providing much better stuff than I expected!

First item: I love that icon so much.

I look forward to your round-up! It's always interesting to see which stories strike different people. I almost forgot to read the Fujicest until I was scrolling through to get the links yesterday. I don't often read brother/brother in any fandom, mostly because it never seems fucked-up enough for me. But this one hit the spot nicely. :)

Hee! So true. Mostly, I'm just hoping to drive more people to the fest overall. I wish people weren't so reluctant to comment on anonymous stories; I've seen a few instances where people made a comment in someone else's LJ about a story they enjoyed but didn't comment on the story itself.

Yeah, there have been more pairings recently that I've wanted to read than in the beginning. Lots of InuKai!

That’s one priceless bit that the anime provided (in exchange for the manga scene where Sanada takes care of Ryoma’s limp body after his duel with Kirihara). I think the AkuTaka fans won with the plot change. :D

I’m afraid I am giving in and doing small round-ups already. I just can’t help it. Some stories are so damned good. I think between you and me, at least, we are covering most of the pairings in the fest with our reccs.

This Fujicest was really excellent. I haven’t read enough incest in PoT to judge, and SPN couldn't get me hooked, but in HP I used to be an avid Weasleycest reader (never too satisfied with most of what I found, but there were cool exceptions). HP Book 7 hurt a lot in that front.

I can and can’t understand why people don’t comment to anonymous authors, even if it’s to say “I read it and liked it!” (which is uncompromising, and at least a small cookie to reward the writer for something fun and worthy), but to me it is kind of liberating to be able to read without knowing who wrote it (sometimes the style or certain words and sentence patterns are so familiar I can’t help suspecting) and without taking assumptions based on what I know of that author, if I know them. On previous years I didn’t make it in time before the reveal and then I was too biased to try some stories I otherwise might have, like I am doing these days. OR, I read most of the fics in print but then didn’t have the time or willpower to comment to them individually, so I had to resort to a round-up, pimping post, like with the wonderful Spluff of 2007. I have been so often on the “Iwanttocommentbut ::insert1000excuseshere::” side that I find it natural. I hope that after the reveal more fics will get the attention they deserve so the authors get more feedback.

I was open to almost anything but the pairings I just can’t swallow. And, mind you, I tend to click on almost every fic and browse over and read the comments, even of those pairings I abhor (except any involving Yanagi or Yukimura, or OshiAto). But there are plot-peeves of mine that I can’t get over, like dreamfic or theatrical plays at school or seriously cracked-up stories designed entirely to please the recipient’s kinks. I have tried before and they are not my cup of tea, so I don’t think I’ll give them a chance anymore, unless I find myself in a reaaaally open mood.

There’s LOTS of Inui this year. Three different pairings for him. He's one up ahead of Kaidoh, who seems to be stuck with Momo and him. Well, one year older, one more slash companion. The Math works.

I do sort of get why people don't comment as much on anon fic, though I also wish I understood it more. (And I mean that sincerely -- I'm always interested in why people do what they do.) I wonder if it's something to do with the community aspect of fanfiction. It's one way that we connect with people on a personal level in fandom. And so without that knowledge of the author, there isn't that same communication, that same relationship building.

And I don't mean to say that people should read every story or something! There's no point in reading things you don't like and nobody should have to comment on something they didn't enjoy (except the recipient -- that's different).

Lots of Inui indeed! I love him so much. I think he has more usual pairings than Kaidoh, so it's not surprising. Three InuKai! Two Data Pair! No Inui/Tezuka, though, at least not yet.

The thing I have a hankering for most right now is Fuji/Kaidoh but I think I'll have to scratch that itch myself. And Ryoma/Kaidoh, if I can figure out how to make it work. They are a tricky, tricky pair. And Chinese drama triangle fic. Too many things to write!

"And so without that knowledge of the author, there isn't that same communication, that same relationship building."

I think PoT is the first fandom in which I have TALKED so much with fanfiction authors I admire. Well, "talk", period. I have always loved and admired works from the shadows, and produced very little myself, if any. I guess it is an entire different fandom world from the "creators" side (with the betas and the devoted admirors), where all of you learn and get supported and inspired by each other. Sometimes I am (healthily) envious of that intensely creative and fairly long-lasting atmosphere, but I am glad to be able to at least enjoy the final products, and sometimes discuss them with the authors. ; )

True, no Inui/Tezuka yet. There are still 3 days left, but one'd thought all the Seigaku fans' slots are covered. Perhaps I am wrong. :D

To me, Fuji would enter that "Older women. Mmmm..." area that Kaidoh blushed happily about during that Penal-Tea induced, criminal lap running after Kawamura's "date" with Yuki and Akutsu (Oh dear, everything brings me back to them, I might need therapy). Fuji gives that "older woman" feeling. I think Kaidoh's family would approve of "her". Hazue might be scared, though.

RyoKai... Yoko Fujitani did a great job (I don't remember if I ever told you -which means I probably have, in my repetitive fashion- but to me her clean, breathtaking style in doujinshi is, in a way, the equivalent to your style in fic -I suspect Kaidoh has something to do with that as well), but I admit it is not easy. The part just before Ryoma leaves for the States in the anime also provided good fodder for that pairing. Not to speak of the Fudomine arc at the very beginning. I loved it when Kaidoh told Kamio and Ibu: "Do you have a problem with our first year?" That's only anime canon, though.

...I have a deja vù, as if I already wrote all that to you last time you mentioned those pairings. Possibly... Perhaps many times, too. If so, forgive this granny's brain that sticks too much to canon. I am just THAT helpful.

Still not caught up until episode 5 of dramapuri. Let's see if I can tackle that soon, because I want to be in with the triangle references! They sound good.

You might not write fic very often, but I've always thought of you as someone who produces a lot of fandom content!

To me, Fuji would enter that "Older women. Mmmm..." area that Kaidoh blushed happily about during that Penal-Tea induced, criminal lap running after Kawamura's "date" with Yuki and Akutsu

That's a really interesting thought! Especially when they are so close in age: only 2.5 months apart. The Fuji-Kaidoh gap is smaller than the Kaidoh-Momo gap. Really, that's a large part of what appeals to me about Fuji/Kaidoh. They are so close in age, Fuji is physically smaller than Kaidoh, but he's still Kaidoh's senpai so he's got the upper hand.

Re RyoKai, I feel like Ryoma is just too young for it to work -- even six months would make enough difference. Maybe the new manga will give me something to work with. :)

I have watched ep 5 of dramapuri SO many times! And I love it more every time.

Haha, but I mostly make compilations and linguistic manipulations of canon and other people's works. And I spend my fandom life like Hamlet, only thinking "English or Spanish, that is the question". I have a lot of fun nevertheless. ; )

Oh, I didn't know/remember that about Fuji and Kaidoh! I admit I seldom pay attention to characters' birthdays. But I *still* think Fuji is gender-confusing.

We'll see what's in store for the boys, if the new manga doesn't turn out to be an April's fools joke.

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