Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

santa_smex round-up #4

The fest is over, so here's my final round-up! Previous round-ups: here, here, and here.

Reveals won't be until mid-January, so that gives you time to catch up and read/comment while the stories are still anonymous. If you guess what I wrote, you win...the No Duh! Award. I never try to disguise my writing for these things. (Though I may be over-estimating people's familiarity with my style.)

My reading:

The Twelve Ways of Christmas - Multipairing - a future Christmas for the tennis boys and tennis girls, happy, sad, funny, smart, and interesting.

The Pirate King and I - InuKai - Inui and Kaidoh get parts in Pirates of Penzance, Kaidoh rather reluctantly. THEY ARE SO SWEET. ♥

Don't Hate the Player - Inui/Yanagi - Smooth and lovely Data Pair!

Pairings I didn't try, but you might want to:

Niou/Yanagi (sorry, Niou, it's still your hair I can't cope with!)
Tags: santa-smex, tenipuri
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