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You can call me Hal.

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Happy New Year!
I used to make resolutions, but I never kept them. Even the year I resolved to drink more beer. That made me so sad, I had to stop resolving stuff.

However, I do have a few things I plan to do in 2009:

✩ Obtain and watch Initial D. It's been on the list, like, forever.

✩ Add a few more meatloaf recipes to my repertoire.

✩ Go off caffeine and then lapse back on it several times.

✩ Update my Facebook status at least once.

✩ Eat an unholy amount of butter, cheese, and whipping cream.

✩ Unleash my vast robot armies and become Supreme Dictator of the World.

✩ Write some fanfiction.

What do you plan to do in 2009?

Happy New Year, All!

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I'm going to go to more baseball games. (I would say I was going to try to watch more baseball, period, but I am actually not sure if it would be possible to watch more than I watched last year.)

Initial D is awesome, though I have only seen the first season. Bunta/Iketani gets absolutely no love, though, and that makes me very sad.

Mmmm, cheese. I do not have a cheese icon, so here is some hummus.

Yay baseball! Though I admit to really only liking it in anime and manga. :D

I'm almost down downloading the first season of IniD so I'll give it a crack soon. I've been wantint to for ages.

Mmm, hummus!

Happy New Year (again!)

"Obtain and watch Initial D."

DEFINITELY. You should. I don't know where else you can see a man offering another a flower bouquet before challenging him for a car race. It's such a classic.

Re: Happy New Year (again!)

I will have the first season today, so maybe I will spend the weekend watching it! I've been looking forward to it for so long.

OOoh--meatloaf! What's your current favourite recipe? :D

I never use an actual recipe, but I have a couple of variations I like. Newest favourite: bacon cheeseburger meatloaf. Cheddar cheese and chopped bacon mixed in with the beef and other ingredients. OMG, so good.

Thank you! ♥

I plan to:

Graduate with a 2:1
Get a job and move abroad
Drink less
Write some fanfiction
Draw some stuff
Rebuild my relationship with the younger of my sisters
Terrorise the innocent

Sounds like a good list!

IniD! This is a very good plan indeed. *nodnod* Bunta is love.

(Deleted comment)
Just so long as ruling the world doesn't take up all my fanfic time!

(Deleted comment)
I have heard good things about KHR. I should put it on the list.

Good luck with all your plans! ♥

✩ Unleash my vast robot armies and become Supreme Dictator of the World.

I heartily approve of this. I welcome our robot overlords. I have a book called "How To Build A Robot Army," so maybe I could be a lieutenant or something.

When you send in your application, please be sure to fill out the section: Do you plan to betray me at the last moment? We cannot process your application if it is incomplete.

I own the first season of Initial D and someday will own more. It's a touch dated, which doesn't bother most people about anime but does me, but i liked it.

also, have you ever made Italian Meatloaf? My mom makes it and it's like my favorite thing in the whole world, makes the best sandwiches ever. it involves marinara sauce and cheese. There's breadcrumbs in it, which you probably wouldn't be into, but they're mainly for the italian seasoning, so you could probably just put seasoning in and use whatever it is you usually do as a binding agent.

I have no problems with dated anime, so I will look forward to it even more!

I make one that's similar, with oregano and basil and tomato paste. I sometimes add cheese to it, if I've got one I think might work. Meatloaf it pretty much the best thing, especially if you fry up the leftovers.

Happy New Year, Hal-san~! ♥ Hope you had an awesome start and everything! (^-^)=b

Eee~ Watch Initial D -- I'm amused at how this is a good reminder for me, too. XDD I've been geeking over the arcade game since November, and I told myself that I should decently watch the anime again. But I keep forgetting (or sidetracked, rather) to buy the DVDs. I am so sad. DD;

Eeto, my plans for 2009 include:

1. read all the InuKai that I missed back in 2008 (and they're pretty many *is very ashamed*)

2. write better InuKai

3. improve writing

4. be a little more recent when it comes to reading friends' entries. *is always so behind D;*



2009 should be the Year of InuKai! ♥

I kind of just want to get a tonsillectomy in 2009. I wish I were kidding.

I had a co-worker who had one as an adult; she was really pleased to stop getting sore throats all the time. Do you think it's a possibility for you this year?

I plan to look good and stay sane.

oh,and I forgot: Happy New Year! to you :)

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