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You can call me Hal.

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InuKai, MomoKai, and kittens
I'm pondering fanfic conventions and tropes for these two pairings. Most of which I enjoy very much. :) Here's a partial list:

- training together leads to love and kisses
- themes of growing trust and mutual support
- lots of bedroom homework sessions
- Inui buys Kaidoh a kitten

- fighting with each other leads to messy hand-jobs and maybe love
- themes of self-knowledge and revelation
- lots of supply closet make-out sessions
- Momo buys Kaidoh a kitten

What conventions, tropes, motifs, themes, etc do you typically see in fic for these pairings? What's your favourite? What's the one you'd prefer not to see again? What do you wish writers would explore more often?

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InuKai--where Kaidoh misreads Inui's analytical side

XD Here's what I like and want to see:

- Hurt!withdrawn!Inui and caregiver!Kaidoh
- Hurt!Kaidou and incompetent!well-meaning!Inui
- Inui misunderstands Kaidoh's intentions when they're apparent to the reader & Kaidoh (dramatic irony, Inui character irony)
- Inui understands Kaidoh's intentions when the reader/Kaidoh doesn't (Inui as Sherlock Holmes)

- Pissing contests with thick sexual tension
- uncomfortable!vulnerable!Kaidoh meets unexpectedly-comforting!but-still-jocular!Momo
- Momo inspiring Kaidoh and vice versa ('anything you can do' effect)

- is too weird. no.

Here are some of the ones I see quite a bit of:

- Inui taking advantage of Kaidoh (not sexually; just pressing his advantage, which is basically canon. I don't mean that in a bad way, only that Inui is much cannier and more manipulative)
- Super Uke!Kaidoh
- More naughty business than is found in MomoKai. In most MomoKai fics they don't seem to get much further than a hand job or two, whereas InuKai has much more of the SEX SEX SEX stuff.
- Inui using Kaidoh as a test case for all sorts of bizarre training regimens and Inui Juices
- Always seems to be taken as a given in fandom, along with Golden Pair and TezuFuji.
- Jealousy between Kaidoh and Inui's "ex", Yanagi. May or may not end with them all in a threesome.

I don't like InuKai at all so I would rather not see any of the above again. I operate by Don't Like Don't Read.

- Momo fooling around with Kaidoh despite already having a girlfriend and/or still openly flirting with girls. I see this one so often that it makes me wonder why people write Momo slash at all.
- (if set after the original manga) The boys agree to put their differences aside for the sake of the Seigaku team now that they're the Seigaku captain and vice-captain. Hot stuff ensues.
- Slapstick-style fics in which Momo and Kaidoh are married and fight at home like Tom and Jerry: whacking each other with frying pans and so on
- Momo and Kaidoh absolutely refusing to admit any affection for each other, even in private
- Kaidoh being too "distant" and pushing Momo away

Would like to see more MomoKai in general as it is my absolute OTP for the fandom. And once again, I drag out my only MomoKai icon.

Hmm, this came from hakkai_sensei, which I find really amusing and would like to see:

InuKai -- they have to take care of a robot baby doll. ♥

And a couple of crappy ideas from me:

InuKai -- Kaidoh sees right through Inui
InuKai -- anger management ♥;;;

I hate to say it but I do not like the kitten themes. :(

to me InuKai should be a confusion of logic. In which Inui thinks too much and inaccurately and Kaidoh knows more than he let's on but thinks he doesn't because Inui's false smarts make him feel stupid.

I don't like the kitten part in either. Specially when the kitten is given stupid names. (Sorry!)

And you know how much I dislike how usually in the MomoKai Inui seems to be there as the element of jealousy. I like the stories in which Inui aids the MomoKai, or just takes notes neutrally.

I don't like angst in PoT other than in the right doses for there to be some kind of plot or nice twist somewhere or at the end, but without stretching the tension too much. PoT was made for humor, so any story would have to include more humor than angst, IMHO.

I also don't like OC so, when there is, I'd prefer the authors to just imply a "girlfriend", for example, without mentioning her name. At the very least, it helps sustain the belief much better.

Also, I don't like Yanagi, but it is usually the Inui-Momo-Kaidoh triangle, almost never Kaidoh wondering about Inui's childhood doubles partner. With as little inclusion of Renji as possible, it would be an interesting topic, Kaidoh a bit jealous or curious for a change. I am sure *someone* *somewhere* must have worked on that issue, but I don't remember any story right now.

And, from now on, there can be new bucho and fukubucho issues between these two. Perhaps problems arising from the management of the club, the ranking tournaments, other conflictive members of their same age (Arai, Hayashi, Ikeda), etc.

And... my mind went dry. Sorry!

There are lots of things I see, many things I like, a few things I don't, and I wish I have more talent as a writer. ^_^

I think in general female fanfic writers seem to like the idea of gay boys and fluffy baby animals.


Yeah. I don't like the kitten thing too much.

Still, repeated "conventions" are still good, as long as they are written right, and in a refreshing manner, if that made sense. I don't mind the bedroom homework sessions...much.

What I'd like to see is Kaidoh helping Inui, for a change. Could be for anything. Some balance in the relationship?

/end 12am ramblings.

Two of my favorite tropes are Inui's sneaky sneaky plotting about Kaidou (sometimes to get to the makeouts/sex/whatever, sometimes actually tennis-related) and how those sneaky plots might go awry (mishaps, Kaidou actually knowing what he is up to, Kaidou having no idea what he is up to such that his cluelessness makes even sneaky plots fail, Inui thinking that his plot is about tennis until suddenly it is about makeouts after all, etc.).

As a general rule I am not big on love triangles, whether it's Yanagi-Inui-Kaidou or Inui-Kaidou-Momo, although when played for humor and/or threesomes I will make an exception.

There can never, ever be enough sneaky plotting Inui getting a wrench thrown in his plans but getting the boy anyway, whether it is Kaidou, Yanagi, or Tezuka who is throwing it.

haha. I love all of them , I'm very sorry. And all of them put together (for each pairing) make wonderful story lines with the kitten being the unavoidable love result.

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