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You can call me Hal.

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Initial D
One episode and I am IN LOVE. Breath-holding, heart-pounding LOVE. ♥ ♥ ♥

Coherent post later.

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Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, Initial D! Oh, you have some goodness ahead of you!

I can tell! I can't wait.

I look forward to your posts of squee! I love seeing other people fall in love with this wonderful anime. XD

I'm sure there will be much squee! I've been looking forward to this for a long time.

*grinning hard* Toldja so.

Wait till you meet the Takahashis.

Ohgod, wait till 4th Stage and you find out about Keisuke's teenage hijinks. *heartheartheart*

I never doubted it.

OMG I just did!!!

*heartheartheart* Isn't IniD love? *sparkles lots*

:D Good! Keep watching.

I will! Very soon! (I even stopped my Slam Dunk re-watch in the middle of the Kainan game.)

That reminds me that I never watched past the middle of the Kainan game because that's where the old tapes I borrowed stopped... (I read all the manga, though. And am supposed to have the rest of the anime on a CD now but... LAZY.)

Is this something you need to show me?

It's an anime about street-racing, so I think probably not. :D

Hee! Okay, yeah, not so much.


Oh, hey, I was thinking that if there is stuff that we want to watch on our weekend away, I could bring my laptop after all and the hook-up I used when I was visiting Kest. That way we could watch DVDs or AVIs on the TV in our room.

I'm easy either way. :)

It might be a good plan to have a laptop just in case the hotel TV doesn't get BSG. (:

Beyond that, I don't have any critical viewing needs, but if you have stuff you'd like to share, I'm totally open to that.

*wicked grin* Now you see why we keep squeeing over this one? *leans chin in hands* So who's your favorite character(s) so far?

I don't know why I don't start watching stuff as soon as you mention it; you've never led me wrong.

I've only seen two eps, so I can't choose yet! I hope to rectify that today. :)

I've been wanting to watch it for a while, but alas time.... ^_^ I bet it's amazing!

So far, it really is! I hope you get a chance some day.

nooo why does everyone love that freakin' series??!! I don't get it!!! It must be my love of shiny bishounen, I can't watch an anime with such ugly people in it ROFL

I'm glad you're enjoying it though.

Hee! I don't require the boys or girls to be pretty to enjoy it. It's all about the competition.

I know. I know. This is where I fail. The only ugly-people anime I've ever enjoyed was Crayon Shin-Chan. Other than that, beautifully drawn characters are a big part of the anime experience for me...

INITIAL D ALWAYS FTW. \(*0*;;\)♥♥♥

YAY you were able to finally get it! ^_____^

Hmm, I could never get into Initial D. It always seemed to require much more knowledge of and interest in cars/racing than the average sports show does for whatever it's about.

I keep wondering if I should give it another shot though. Maybe one of these days.

I usually get drawn into that stuff pretty quickly, no matter what the show is. I just let my mind wander if they get too technical about the cars (or baking or go or soccer or whatever). :)

There is a Chinese film version that is pretty much WIN. I've never seen the anime so I can't compare them obvs, but I love the film A LOT.

Ooh, that's good to know! I'll keep that in mind for when I'm further along.

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