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You can call me Hal.

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Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger
My sweetie is back! ♥ I watched the first episode raw. Any news about fansubs? Looks like Saizen will be subbing jointly with Ignition-One! Yay!

I would love Ippo with the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns no matter who his VA was, but since it's Kiyasu Kohei, it's a thousand million burning suns.

I followed the ep pretty well since it was covering a lot of old ground to get us back on track. It started with the end of the fight with Sanada. I really didn't like that fight, but it was so amazing to see everything again. Sanada is beating Ippo down with Hien and then Ippo throws up the Cross-Arm Block and gets in a Liver Blow (I think) and a Gazelle Punch. Then he really gets going with the Dempsey Roll and I think almost cried when I saw it.

And when I saw this in the credits, I almost threw up from excitement.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let Sendoh be back.

Things in the gym were ticking over as ever, with Aoki and Kimura training hard and Takamura being his wonderful self. And, of course, the usual in the shower.

Kimura is going to spar with Miyata, as Miyata trains for the OPBF championship fight. Ippo, as always, gets blushy over Miyata.

Miyata is looking v. cool, especially in the poster for the fight, but I didn't get a good cap.

In conclusion: OMG MY SHOW MY SHOW. Never leave me again.

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I don't know anything about this show (aside from the random covers on the net and those times you have mentioned it) but what are they exactly doing in that shower!? Is there any POSSIBLE innocent explanation?

There's a bit of dick-grabbing in this show. :) Also inappropriate erections, masturbation (Ippo goes to Takamura's flat to watch some boxing videos and notices some, er, bodily fluid on the TV screen), and jokes about Ippo's considerable endowment. It's kind of charming, really.

It's also -- not for these reasons, though -- one of the best sports series I have ever read/watched. Only Slam Dunk is better, imo.

It's older (well, the manga started in 1989 -- it's still on-going!) and the boys aren't pretty, so it doesn't get a lot of attention, which is too bad.

... with that shower scene, and her answer to the comment above, The Mighty Hal attempts to drag me into YET ANOTHER FANDOM. But it's cool, I love sports anime. And guys in showers. And dick-grabbing :)

Hee! It's pretty focused on the boxing, but the other moments are fun too. The first anime series has been out for quite a while, so you can check it out if you want.

Like I said, I love sports anime (it could be because of how slashable it is XD) so I think I'll try to find some alive torrents to check it out XD

Have you read the manga? There's definitely at least a bit more of Sendou, though I've only read up to like volume...60-something?

There's also a new guy who joins the gym, I think they'll get to him in the new season. He makes at least one boyfriend joke when Ippo talks about Miyata. XD Also Geromichi comes back!

Yeah, I'm just hoping they'll have even more Sendoh than the manga. :D I've read at least that far -- I can't remember where I left off. I'm hoping to catch up soon. :) The fight with Geromichi was just so fantastic.

Gotcha. I certainly wouldn't say no to more Sendou myself. :D Also, more Vorg please!

And yeah, the story where Geromichi returns was awesome. It'll be great to see that animated.

I kinda "heard" that you're into Ippo as well and found this post then. Gawd, I love the series! It's the best series ever!

What I wonder is if you've written fiction about Ippo characters? There're just not enough people in the fandom... (T__T) Well, most of them are guys and they seem to "ship" IppoMiyataIppo which is pretty obvious. (^__^;;)

I'll be cheering for Ippo, too, and watch it every week! Have a good time! (^O^)/

I've loved Ippo since I watched the anime a few years ago. It's so, so good.

I've only ever written a drabble or two. I don't really ship anyone in a slashy way, but the Ippo-Sendoh rivalry is one of my very favourite things ever.

So good to find out someone else is supporting the series!

I've been to Ippo since last year. I was MEANT to watch it a long time ago (Kiyasu-san is LOVE!! ...as well as Onosaka-san!!) but I suppose it was kinda hard to start knowing it was a long series (kinda like PoT). But then I loved each and every second of it and the manga's also brilliant. Only a few more books to get and I have the whole series, fantastic! (^__^)

There's tons of fanfic in Japanese and nearly none in English. (T__T) I like Ippo more with Sendou or Vorg or whoever but Miyata. It's just too obvious and in the end it wouldn't work out anyway <- personal opinion. Icon shows my fave pairing. (^w^)

I managed to make my sis watch the series and a couple of my friends have watched a part of Ippo but they're not as mad as me - watching the new episodes raw, reading the latest chapters raw (sometimes at work! (^O^) ), buying doujinshi, reading fanfiction in Japanese etc.etc. Ippo's simply awesome! (*__*)

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