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You can call me Hal.

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Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger
My sweetie is back! ♥ I watched the first episode raw. Any news about fansubs? Looks like Saizen will be subbing jointly with Ignition-One! Yay!

I would love Ippo with the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns no matter who his VA was, but since it's Kiyasu Kohei, it's a thousand million burning suns.

I followed the ep pretty well since it was covering a lot of old ground to get us back on track. It started with the end of the fight with Sanada. I really didn't like that fight, but it was so amazing to see everything again. Sanada is beating Ippo down with Hien and then Ippo throws up the Cross-Arm Block and gets in a Liver Blow (I think) and a Gazelle Punch. Then he really gets going with the Dempsey Roll and I think almost cried when I saw it.

And when I saw this in the credits, I almost threw up from excitement.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let Sendoh be back.

Things in the gym were ticking over as ever, with Aoki and Kimura training hard and Takamura being his wonderful self. And, of course, the usual in the shower.

Kimura is going to spar with Miyata, as Miyata trains for the OPBF championship fight. Ippo, as always, gets blushy over Miyata.

Miyata is looking v. cool, especially in the poster for the fight, but I didn't get a good cap.

In conclusion: OMG MY SHOW MY SHOW. Never leave me again.

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Hee! It's pretty focused on the boxing, but the other moments are fun too. The first anime series has been out for quite a while, so you can check it out if you want.

Like I said, I love sports anime (it could be because of how slashable it is XD) so I think I'll try to find some alive torrents to check it out XD

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