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You can call me Hal.

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Icon authorship
Poll #1326983 Icon Authorship

If an icon appears in someone's list WITHOUT attribution, I assume:

That person made the icon themselves.
Nobody knows who made that icon.
Other, which I'll explain in comments.

I have seen instances of both.

I prefer to make all my icons and have just a couple that were a present, and the author is specified in the comments.

I've seen instances both ways, I'm just trying to get a sense of people's default assumption because I'm curious if there's been a shift, either by "generation" or areas of fandom.

I assume that the person made the icon...though, I eventually went back through mine and added "mine, don't take" to all of them...not that it stops people from scrumping.

I've been wondering about this because now and then I come across one or more of my icons in someone else's list with "tell me if you made this!" in the notes. So, do they see me using the icon and assume that since there's no attribution in the notes that the authorship is unknown?

I usually believe that they made the icon themselves. Though I really wish people would say so. Because it adds an aura of suspicion (to me at least, maybe I'm just a suspicious bastard :P). If I don't know who made the icon, I'll say that in the comment so if people do know they can then inform me.

Interesting -- I guess I'm just not that suspicious. :)

Either they don't know who made it, or they stole it.

Or maybe two of their other icons mated and produced it. :D

I figure they made it themselves because that's how my icons are. If there's no attribution, it's one I made. If I don't know who made it, I'll put "made by ??" in the comments field.

Yeah, that's my usual as well.

I cannot poll at work

I would assume that person made it themself.

First the post-its and now no polls.

I usually leave a 'credit unknown' if nobody knows who made the icon. I had 'Crediting is essential!' bashed into my head during my fandom newbie days.

Yeah, I def credit those made by others.

I assume that either the person made the icon, or they do not understand giving credit for icons.

Hee! You're a realist. :)

I assume they made it themselves. My opinion is that if you don't know the maker, you should say so in the comments.

That seems to be what most people assume. :)

Depends on the person. I have labeled all of the icons I made for myself "made by me", mostly because I have a mix of my own and those created by other people. If the icons look professional, as it were, and are unattributed, then I assume that the person didn't bother to list a creator on any of them, either because they don't know how or don't care. If they look more handmade then I generally assume that the person made the icons themselves. If there's a mix and some are labeled and some aren't, then I generally assume that the unlabeled icons were made by the person using them. However, if the person didn't put much effort into labeling their icons at all, then I'll probably assume that they didn't create the icon but don't know the creator. I also judge, perhaps unfairly, based on the quality of the icon.

Sorry, long-winded explanation. :p I hope that answers the question.

If pressed, I'd probably assume either they made it themselves, or the creator was like "no need to credit". If there are other credited icons, I'd assume they made it themselves.

I would generally assume they had been made by the owner of the journal. Some of mine were snagged from GJ or websites and I don't know who made them, so I've just stuck up a big "DID NOT MAKE" until someone gets in touch.

It depends on the other icons the person has. If that is the only icon without credit, then I'd assume that the person made it. If the majority of the icons are non-credited and seem to have the same style, I'd assume that the person made the icons themselves. However, if very few or none of the icons are credited and they all have different iconing styles, I'd assume nobody knows who made that icon. :)

You know, that makes me think about my own annotation. I credit for ones I didn't make, of course, but the rest... if it's my own photography or heavy image editing, I say 'by me'. If it's just my own screencap I say what anime/manga it's from. Those I don't mind as much if someone takes, I suppose, all I did was crop it, and I care more that it be attributed, insofar as possible, to the actual artists.

Wow. If someone assumed that the lack of a made by label on the icons I made meant I didn't make them, when all the ones I didn't make are credited with the icon-maker, and considered that an excuse to take and use and simply label 'don't know maker' when they took it from my livejournal I believe I'd be quite cross.

I assume that if there is no credit then the icon was made by the icon user. It seems redundant to credit yourself. I do mention that I make icons, give them away and prefer they not be shared* in my user profile.

*Though once the icon has a user then it's not up to me if they want to share it.

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