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You can call me Hal.

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Hosting Recs
I've been thinking about moving my fanfic site to another host. (I'm also redoing the database and site -- hopefully I'll be done by the end of Feb.) The host I have now is cheap but not v. full-featured and I'd like more control. Somebody on my flist had a post where they got hosting recs recently and I thought I'd bookmarked it, but I can't find it. Anyone got a link or recs of their own?

I already have a DreamHost account for my other sites and I've been pretty happy with it. I don't want my fic on the same account, though. If it got TOSsed for content, pretty much all my RL email would go down.

I'm considering a second DH account and they have a special on which ends today. But a different host altogether would probably be better. LAMP, but that probably goes without saying.


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I'm totally happy with Dreamhost, yo.

but I've heard people talk about fatcow, although i'm not sure what their level of WP involvement is.

I shall check out fatcow!

As long as the content isn't underaged or copyrighted, Dreamhost is pretty cool. They're one of a couple of hosts out there that are okay with hosting actual (real live, 2257 requiring visual representations of the old in out) porn as long as it's not underaged or otherwise illegal. I can't say for sure that they'd be cool with chan, if you've got that, but in my experience w/ them, as long as you're not posting movies/ shows, they're okay. And pretty much any provider out there's going to TOS you for that.

That being said, if you're looking for another adult content friendly host, I've heard good things about Lunar pages.

Thanks for the rec! Lunar pages looks good.

BlogSpot is free and easy. I don't know if that is what you are looking for.

Thanks! I'm looking for paid hosting but I appreciate the rec. :)

I'm with Hostmonster (who are also Blue Host) and, while they have the best price for the services, they are also extremely patchy about downtime. That's gotten better since I demanded they move me to a different server, but I had to threaten to leave before they did. I can't really recommend them. If you're happy with DH, you may want to just go for a separate account.

Good to know! Thank you.

I've had my fic site on Dreamhost for years, and never had any problems with them about it.

Yeah, I'm sure it won't be an issue unless someone makes a complaint. Thanks!

I use DotEasy but I don't know how flexible it is; you can check it out. I just use it for plain pages. www.venivincere.com has a link to DotEasy at the bottom.

P.S. I use the free service, and I don't recall any downtime since I signed up with them a couple years ago (or thereabouts).

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