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You can call me Hal.

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santa_smex wrap-up
santa_smex reveals are up! Many, many thanks to reposoir for working so hard and running a great fest!

venivincere, thank you for writing for me! I loved the story so much. ♥♥♥

longleggedgit and happiestwhen correctly guessed both the stories I wrote! Guys, I had these really fantastic prizes lined up -- an iPod Touch and a Flip Video Camera -- and then Drew said she wanted them, so what could I do? You'll have to make do with some fic -- hit me with your requests and I'll get on them once I've finished my birthday story. (As long as I'm not too busy with Drew and the camera...)

✵ I'll repost both stories here, one momentarily, and one later-ish, so as not to fic-spam.

✵ I'm starting to think that butter is even better than cheese.

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what what what? where were these guesses? no fair.

of course I would have cheated.

butter is godly. totally.

I should be reading manga but instead I am watching GG

I put up the guess post on Saturday. But you were disqualified anyhow.

I think I ate half a stick while I was cooking my omelette.

I have never watched that show.

glad to hear I am not the only butter eater in our midst. I like sprinkling a little smoked salt on mine.

and yeah, yeah whatever. I could have lied and said I had amnesia or something?

it is crap. addictive, but crap.

Oh oh oh I am so proud, I am always terrible at these things! Allow me to think about this for a day or two and I'll get back to you. (And tell Drew to enjoy the iPod and Flip. I'll be happier with the fic anyway.)

Great fics, both of them, by the way! I'm so pleased I guessed right, and not only because I get a prize. ♥

I don't think there were a lot of people who read both -- not as much overlap between those two pairings.

Think away, and let me know! It doesn't have to be PoT either.

Several people guessed that I'd written your story (the one by you, not the one for you) and I wish I could have taken credit for that one too, it was so awesome!

I feel lucky to be an open-minded shipper, in that case!

I would totally ask you for Slam Dunk fic except I'm not far enough along to really have a good prompt yet. So I probably will go with PoT instead. How about . . . InuKai, predictably, with a prompt of school dance? You could totally use the same prompt with MomoKai if you feel more inspired one way or the other. :"> And thank you! ♥

I saw that a few people were guessing it was yours and I was terribly flattered. I think it speaks for the fact that we like a lot of the same things in fic and a lot of the same pairings. :)

K, prompt pondering has begun!

We do! Which is awesome. :)

I heavily suspected those were yours from the start, but wondered if there was a third one (a TezuRyo) until you said there were just two.

I was glad that the AtoRyo was posted right at the beginning because otherwise I might have skipped it, pairing-averse and tired of futureverses, and would have missed a good story. : D

And, well, you know my thoughts on the InuFuji. That was A.W.E.S.O.M.E.++

Three stories in one fest would have been quite the feat for me! The AtoRyo was definitely a new experience. It gave me some interesting insight into the characters, which I'll post about after I repost the story.

I was seriously surprised at how well the Inui/Fuji turned out. Not that I expected it to suck, but I figured it would be just fun and readable. But I think it's actually my best work in a long time.

"I think it's actually my best work in a long time."

For REAL. I saw how you had polished certain details and subplots that used to annoy me, to a degree in which everything was really delightful. Congratulations!

i meant to comment here with a prompt!! momokai + growing pains ♥♥

(admittedly i feel kind of guilty guessing when i still haven't commented on any of the fics from the fest... *shame*)

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