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You can call me Hal.

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(no subject)

Congratulations, United States of America. ♥

I feel like I should be buying you a gift. Is there such a thing as an inaugural registry?

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(Deleted comment)
Well, we *do* have three copies of Prisoner of Azakaban!

I'm pretty sure that today's event is the only gift we need at the moment. But if you want to buy me a toaster, I'll take it.

If I could find my toaster oven! We boxed it up since we don't eat toast anymore but I can't remember where the box is.

We actually have a toaster that works fine, so no worries. (:

On the contrary - this day is our gift to you. We hope it makes up for the last eight years in some small way.

Already, it feels like it is!

I know! You can give us the gift of NOT THINKING WE SUCK ANYMORE! *g*

And here I was thinking of simply sending the new president a bucketful of throat lozenges so his throat won't be as hoarse. Oh dear, this is why I am entirely unfit for polite society; I have no taste in gifts. ^^;

Hee! Make them Fisherman's Friends -- those work the best.

There is but it involves ugly dishes and lace dolies, so we tend to not send it out to others.

If only I could crochet! Or do you tat doilies?

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