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You can call me Hal.

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"Maybe I shouldn't have bought the Delorian."
kaidoh hufflepuff
Short Ryoma/Kaidoh doujinshi scanlation by leviosa8. So sweet! (Not explicit.) I am loving this pairing more and more. Someday I will figure out how to get them together. ♥

Info and poll about a proposed community for older fans from laurashapiro. For support and shared info as we age and possibly discussion about the intersection of aging and fandom.

✜ I finally broke down and watched the final Trailer Park Boys episode, Say Good-bye to the Bad Guys. So funny and a really good send-off. Ricky, especially, was wonderful in this ep. Damn, I"m going to miss them all so much. (And I can never see Saul Tigh without thinking of Jim Lahey. They really are the same character.) There will be (or probably will be, not sure) a sequel to the movie yet, though that's not the same continuity.

✜ I had a dream that it was possible to use CSS stylesheets on people. So, you could style the people that came into your home. The hostess of the dinner party I attended was NOT pleased when I used my own stylesheet to override hers.

✜ I will catch up on answering comments this weekend. For sure.

✜ I like cheese.

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- I read it already, and it was sweet indeed. I'm a TezuRyo at heart (with InuKai a close second), but this made me smile.

- At the tender age of 34, I'm more than willing to enter a comm where I can talk freely not only about some things relative to my interests that definitely ARE NOT for people under 30, or to thirtysomethings going on 13. Plus, I want to be able to complain about the decrease in maturity in some comms these days. And GET OFFA MY LAWN, you damn kids XDDD.

- Ffffff, somthing I know shit about -___-

- That will be nice. I'd like to use CSS on myself and then on some people at work...

- Let's not talk about that.


- I'm InuKai at heart, obvs, but I'm also MomoKai, InuTez, RyoKai, FujiKai, etc, etc. :D The more the merrier, especially if it involves Kaidoh!

- Hee! I love the diversity in fandom, age-wise. There are things I'd like to discuss that are probably not of interest to a lot of my flist, though. :)

I had a dream that it was possible to use CSS stylesheets on people. So, you could style the people that came into your home.

That would be the best invention ever.

Oh, nice! Just submitted for membership. :D

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

The Classic Regency Romance—Now with Ultraviolent Zombie Mayhem!


Thanks for the link! What a sweet doujin. :)

Okay, so I just the other day realized that since I was out of town like all of break I NEVER PROPERLY THANKED YOU for sending me all those Slam Dunk DVDs! Which was incredibly sweet and amazing of you, so really, THANK YOU. ♥ I will be getting back on track with this series soon.

RyoKai can be so sweet -- I love them like that.

You're very welcome! I hope you enjoy. Also, I think I included a DVD of the Ace wo Nerae live action which is tennis girls and SO MUCH LOVE. The live action is recent but the manga is from the 70s and was seminal in re sports series.

Me too. And I'm supposed to be writing a drabble of them for someone - I should really get on that!

Oooh, I have heard of Ace wo Nerae! Thank you so much, I'm sure I'll adore that. :D

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