Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

"Maybe I shouldn't have bought the Delorian."

Short Ryoma/Kaidoh doujinshi scanlation by leviosa8. So sweet! (Not explicit.) I am loving this pairing more and more. Someday I will figure out how to get them together. ♥

Info and poll about a proposed community for older fans from laurashapiro. For support and shared info as we age and possibly discussion about the intersection of aging and fandom.

✜ I finally broke down and watched the final Trailer Park Boys episode, Say Good-bye to the Bad Guys. So funny and a really good send-off. Ricky, especially, was wonderful in this ep. Damn, I"m going to miss them all so much. (And I can never see Saul Tigh without thinking of Jim Lahey. They really are the same character.) There will be (or probably will be, not sure) a sequel to the movie yet, though that's not the same continuity.

✜ I had a dream that it was possible to use CSS stylesheets on people. So, you could style the people that came into your home. The hostess of the dinner party I attended was NOT pleased when I used my own stylesheet to override hers.

✜ I will catch up on answering comments this weekend. For sure.

✜ I like cheese.
Tags: i like jquery better than you, tenipuri, trailer park boys
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