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You can call me Hal.

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Happy Birthday to Me!
One more year and I'm still around!

I've already had my major birthday celebration: my trip to Santa Cruz with laurashapiro. Our birthdays are close together so this year we decided to treat ourselves to a getaway. It was so awesome!

Otherwise, I didn't bother with a party or pub night this year; just dinner with my sweetie tonight. Just what I like best. :)

And, of course, I've posted my birthday story: Show Your Work, some sweet (I hope) InuKai.

I'm still having so much fun in fandom and it's all down to you guys. Thank you for being around and posting and commenting and generally being cool!

I ♥ you all.

Happy birthday, Hal! :)))

Happy birthday! ^^ I am printing the fic to read asap. Enjoy your special night!

Happy Birthday, Hal! Have a great one!

Many happy returns of the day. ; )

Happiest of happy birthdays! I hope you have a great one. And thank you for treating US to fic - I'm going to go read and enjoy right now!

A very happy birthday and many more!

We ♥ you too, you are awesomecakes. Hope you have the wonderful birthday you deserve.

Happy Birthday! Really glad to still find you on livejournal. I've been re-reading old entries, and smiling at all the times you offered anime or manga and all the times you were ready to mourn or squee with me. It means a lot. Here's to you! *cheers*

Happy Birthday, Hal! ♥


Going to read, NAO!

Yay! Many happy returns of the day to you! I'm off to read "White Tower, Silver Tree" and "The Rain, It Raineth All Around" again, in your honor. (Which is just like a bowling ball with my name on it.)

I love you so much, Hal. Your presence in my life is a constant source of comfort, pleasure, and joy. Happiest of birthdays to you.