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You can call me Hal.

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Kamen Rider Decade episode 1
Oh. My. Fucking. God.

That was so awesome I thought I was going to throw up. Or have a heart attack. Or fall off the couch. After it was over, I stood up and twirled around in a circle until I remembered that I'm supposed to be a grownup.

The fanservice to end all fanservice. When they get to fucking Faiz I am going to fucking die. (Though I guess this means I should start on Ryuki instead of re-watching Agito. I was going to wait until the whole thing was subbed.) I just hope the story is good. And that the actors I love come back. Tsukasa seems cool so far and I love Natsumi.

In conclusion, I am going to have to wait until tomorrow to watch Battlestar Galactica because I have USED UP all my squee.

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I watched already cause I wanted to see Wataru some more, and I liked it enough? but it didn't fill me with the flaily glee. idk, i think I just don't know enough about the other series to make me super entertained.

So I might try and watch at least one other one while I'm waiting for Decade to get a bunch more. Since you've seen most/all of the others, what series do you think I ought to try next? Or should I just do Kuuga, since that's the first world we're in?

TN has only subbed 4 eps of Kuuga, so don't bother with it. (Unless you know of somewhere I could get the whole thing!)

I've loved all the series so much, it's hard for me to decide. Faiz is still #1 for me, because of Takumi (and I've heard his actor is going to be back!!!). The boys are fairly pretty and Fujita Rei is evil jailbait in quite a few episodes, if you're into him.

Or Blade or Hibiki would also be good choices. Hibiki is a bit unusual -- the main character isn't a Rider, he's a high school kid who is befriended by a rider. It's a sweet show and a lot more about the lives of the characters than the good/evil plot.

Agito is holy ground. Nothing should get in the way of one's rewatching Agito. >>

Have you heard the rumor that the original actors might all come back for the movie? Apparently the recastings in the series is supposed to show how the worlds are distorted, and then when Decade fixes them the original guys would come back to wrap it up in the movie. *_* Apparently.

I would fangasm myself to death if that actually happened.

I will def be rewatching Agito sometime this year but I don't mind putting it off for Ryuki. Unless you know of somewhere to get Kuuga. That's the only Heisei era KR I don't have.

Wow, I think my head would explode if that were to happen. I will keep hoping!

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