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You can call me Hal.

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Australian Open Men's Final
roger/rafa from behind
Damn, boys.

Taped it last night, watched it this morning. Still breathless.

I so did not know who to support! I started out 51% for Federer but when they went to the fifth set, I flipped for Nadal. It was heartbreaking to watch Federer lose it, though. Not a good fifth set.

It's like -- Roger is such a technician, so completely skilled, so beautiful to watch. But Rafa's athleticism, his concentration. And his skills just keep improving. It's like his tennis is internal while Roger's is external. If that makes any sense. And to watch them play each other -- [ some sappy stuff from Ace wo Nerae deleted ].

Okay, maybe I've been hanging around the tennis slash comms too much. But still. This rivalry is special. I almost lost it myself when Roger started crying. Christ. But Rafa, what an achievement!


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I am so proud of Rafa! He is quite the national treasure for us. And goddamnit I ship these two so hard, it doesn't help that they really get along so well (I am glad Rafa seems to have shed most of his childish arrogance, he was such a Ryoma for such a long time but LOOK HE HAS GROWN UP).

What a match.

It's nearly impossible not to ship them, they have a such a beautiful bromance. And, seriously, it's like their rivalry was plucked straight from a shounen sports series.

(Do you suppose that means Ryoma might grow up one day too?)

I know, right. Whenever Nadal speaks about Roger in the radio I'm always like "you are so gay for him". it's tru luv, i have no doubts, that combination of fierce rivalry and absolute respect they have for each other.

(but I'm afraid a grown-up!Ryoma wouldn't be as entertaining as arrogant-brat!Ryoma)

i haven't managed to watch a damn match this whole Open, but they're replaying feds and rafa now, so FINALLY. tennis!

Neither had I -- too busy! -- but there's no missing a Roger/Rafa final. I wish I'd seen Rafa's semi vs Verdasco too. I might see if I can download that one.

(Deleted comment)
My brain is still stuck on Inui's fanvid ...

Inui's too, I'm sure. :)

*sobs* I couldn't see it. He cried? *sobs* But really, how can you not be happy for Nadal, too? I suppose they didn't kiss across the net?

When Rafa hugged Roger after getting their big cup and plate, he slung an arm around Roger and rubbed the tip of his nose in Roger's hair, briefly. It was almost as good as a kiss!

It was epic tennis and epic bromance.

Oh, wow. I'm going to have to catch it somewhere, then. Oh, and nose-rub in hair? That IS a kiss! I do it to my son all the time. :-D *sighs*

Sadly, Tennis Australia kicks footage off youtube as fast as it gets put up. Anyone would think they have the right or something!! :)

No!! Maybe they've uploaded it somewhere to a less-popular video-sharing site that Tennis Australia has no knowledge of. *hopes*

I seriously thought Rafa was going to kiss Roger on the cheek at one point. I think everybody wanted to hug Roger. And, wow, yes, v. happy for Rafa. That was a major achievement.

Hee! I just got back from dinner with my friend J, who had finished watching before she met up with me--she told me about Roger breaking down and Rafa comforting him, and all I could think was that I hope you had watched it :).

LOL. There was no way I was going to miss that final. Though for a while I was worried I hadn't taped long enough!

I was going for Federer big time - it was so heartbreaking.

I watched the pre-match interview with Jim Courier. He asked Roger how he felt when Rafa came onto the scene. Roger was all, "At first I hated it. I liked being the best, dominating everything, being #1, I thought that's how tennis was. But I've really grown to like the challenge and I like that I am going to play Rafa at today's final."

And I was all O____o I think I read a fanfic like that.

Rafa v Verdasco blew my mind.

Oh, Roger. :( Yeah, it was hard to watch him at times. But that's a great quote. And I hope he focuses and kicks Rafa's ass next time they play.

Damn, I'm really going to have to get hold of the Verdasco match.

Oh god, my handsome Federer... I was so sad he lost. Apart from being my wet dream an amazing player, he's actually a really funny guy... in his interview after he caned that arsebasket Roddick he gave a one-man stand up routine on towels, unprompted. It was brilliant. :D

(I have a story about Roddick... my friend asked for an autograph for her tennis playing brother, and he wanted a blowjob in return. What a dick.)

Anyway, it breaks my heart to see them writing about Federer as a falling star. NOOOOO

(Another tense match was Dokic vs Safina... Dokic is something of Australia's darling.)

Federer is brilliant, no question. It was so hard to watch him in the fifth set and afterwards. :(

I haven't got over it yet. And yes, what you said. Roger seemed to be a bit under par all match, while still being awesomely better than everyone except Rafa.

Yeah, it seemed like an off-day for him. :( But I still want to call in sick and watch the match again.

Yes. You must call in sick and watch the match again.


FFFFFFFFF I watched the whole match because I couldn't have missed a final with my two favorite players. I ship them so hard; they're like my RL Tezuka and Ryoma XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. I cried like a baby when Roger lost it, and when he sald "this is killing me", IT KILLED ME. And the Rafa spok and I was all JSHDKJAHKDSHAKJSDHSKAJHSDJAHK.

I lurve them.

Everybody ships them because it's impossible not to! The tennis was awesome and then after... ♥

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