Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Australian Open Men's Final

Damn, boys.

Taped it last night, watched it this morning. Still breathless.

I so did not know who to support! I started out 51% for Federer but when they went to the fifth set, I flipped for Nadal. It was heartbreaking to watch Federer lose it, though. Not a good fifth set.

It's like -- Roger is such a technician, so completely skilled, so beautiful to watch. But Rafa's athleticism, his concentration. And his skills just keep improving. It's like his tennis is internal while Roger's is external. If that makes any sense. And to watch them play each other -- [ some sappy stuff from Ace wo Nerae deleted ].

Okay, maybe I've been hanging around the tennis slash comms too much. But still. This rivalry is special. I almost lost it myself when Roger started crying. Christ. But Rafa, what an achievement!

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