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You can call me Hal.

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Hai Tang is an 80s kind of man.
hai tang + daddy

In other news:

- I am not dead

- Work is v. busy

- I fail at commenting on your posts, for which I am sorry

- I thought about making an update about the latest dramapuri episodes and the 1000000 other things I am watching on my day off tomorrow but I think I'll just write some fic instead

- If I were to make an instructional video, what should it be about? What would yours be about?

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(Deleted comment)
Some Fuji/Kaidoh is begging to be written so I am trying to oblige. :)

Hai Tang is always pretty but that jacket is really something special.

(Deleted comment)
I would like to make an instructional video on how to do a contrast arm bath.

That would be useful since I do not know what that is. :)

Have you seen 08 yet? I have no one who understands my love for this show on my FL. IT IS TO CRY.

If I ever write fic, it's probably going to be Long Ma/Zhen Zhi. That whole mess where Zhen Zhi asks for his advice slays me.

I have! My god, I flail and flail. And then I re-encode the episodes so I can re-watch them on my iPhone on the bus.

Hee! I loved how Zhen Zhi totally manipulated Ju Wan there.

For me, it's the Holy Triangle all the way: Hai Tang, Zhen Zhi, and Guo Guang. ♥

(Deleted comment)
Argh, you just reminded me I have at least 4 subs to watch yet...

This means you haven't watched episode five yet and that is tragic.

Why do you always do this when I wake up and read it on the ONE morning I have to work? So I have to download Dramapuri and watch it when I get back? *shakes fist*


Edit: I'd make an instructional video about werewolves.

Edited at 2009-02-11 08:34 am (UTC)

Hee! You could do that. Or you could wait, knowing that you're falling more and more behind... :D

I still haven't had time to watch the second ep of Decade yet so I'm behind too.

I think mine would be about how to make meatloaf.

- I thought about making an update about the latest dramapuri episodes and the 1000000 other things I am watching on my day off tomorrow but I think I'll just write some fic instead

More promotion of dramapuri is always good. ^_^ But fic is equally wonderful~

Make an instructional video on how to write. I could sure use the tips!

I keep rewatching the beginning of episode 6! I can't get enough of the hugging.

I might do a post about my writing process sometime; I always like to read those when other people post them.

I am glad you are not dead. and I still haven't watched this show. instead I started some idiotic stuff about a butler.

Anime or drama? I'm watching Kuroshitsuji but I'm not up to current atm.

Don't tell anyone, but mostly I've been re-watching South Park when I should be catching up on new stuff.

(Deleted comment)
It's just that good! Could Hai Tang be any more annoying and lovable? And Cheng Wu is rising so fast in my affections.

(Deleted comment)
Hal: Step one: take some cheese and eat it. And you're done!

Oh dear. XD I saw mention of Fuji/Kaidoh and you have now gotten me all kinds of intrigued. Fuji is just one of those characters that has really kind of grown on me as I've settled into the fandom and pondered more on his personality. I'm hoping this new PoT series will explore more about his psyche and what makes him tick, other than just labeling him as "THE GENIUS" and leaving us all to wonder. And Tezuka too. There has got to be more behind those two than meets the eye!

I hope work stops being such a time-consuming monster. I feel your pain. I'm at work right now! ;D

Episode 1 of the Chinese drama downloaded! ;D I CANNOT WAIT TO DIVE INTO THIS. I hope I can keep up with all the Chinese names. I am bound and determined, though. And reading your HT and ZZ fics, I'm just too excited for this series. ;D

Fuji is so difficult for me. It's like I think I understand him but can't seem to translate that onto the page. The manga is certainly more revealing than the anime, when it comes to his character, though it's subtle.

Yeah, the thing with work right now is not that I have to work a bunch of overtime, but we're leading up to a big launch so every day, I get interrupted every ten minutes with somebody's question and so my brainspace gets taken up. But that will be done soon!

I hope you like it! Keep in mind that it's an adaptation, so the characters are not exactly the same. Which is one of the reasons I like it so much -- it's old and new mixed together.

Which subs do you have? Up to ep 5, there are two sets, one with the Japanese names and one with the Chinese. After that, just the Chinese up to 8 so far. This should help you get everyone figured out:

*SENDS SPARKLES YOUR WAY* Best of luck to you, Hal-san! ♥;;

You're still made of epic WIN, being able to write fic and all. (;~;)/

UM. I'm not even good at giving directions to lost people! |Db An instructional video on how to emerge out of shameful situations sounds appealing, though. o__O

If I really were epic win, I would have finished it by now! Maybe this week. :)

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