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You can call me Hal.

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Come one, come all
ryuzaki is hotter than you
fenopause, a new community for discussing aging, fandom, and how they intersect. Check out the intro post and see if you want to join up!

In other news, I have a 15 hour workday tomorrow. That's a lot of coffee right there.

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I'm young, but I loves me some aging heroes, male and female. Still kosher to join? Especially since I love the play on words you have there?

There's no minimum age requirement, so please feel free! It's more about the aging of the fans than the BSOs, though. :)

Still sounds interesting. A lot of my earlier fannish influences (and, indeed, friends) were quite a bit older than myself, so I'd love to see their perspective on the state of things.

I'm glad I'm able to join, and that you didn't implement an age barrier. I can absolutely understand wanting to make a specific space for older and wiser fen, but as a less-wise one myself I really appreciate the opportunity to lurk and interact with people talking about issues that really interest me. :)

Yeah, we figured it would be valuable for fans of any age. And you are plenty wise for one so youthful and hot. :)

(Deleted comment)
I think tomorrow should be fine; it's Wednesday that's really going to suck. *g* But coffee! And cheese too, I think. :)


::hugs you, offers you cheese and a blankie::

Big, big launch. I think it will go okay; we just have to hover around and such.

Bed now!

It sounds interesting, so I have joined. :D

Please, survive today!

I hope it will be!

That is my plan. :) I should get ample breaks, so it shouldn't be too bad. (If only we had a nap room at work!)

(If only we had a nap room at work!)

We had one on the 15th floor lounge of my office building in Japan. It was so, so, so tempting...

15 hours> whyever for? does that include travel time?

I will think about you while I die on my futon.

We have a big launch, but it should be okay. No travel this time.

Please don't die while I'm too busy to come hold your hand. ♥

15 hours!!! May the Force be with you.

I am probably too young for this community but it's easy to feel like an old lady in fandom, only the other day someone posted in fandomsecrets that s/he looks down on slash fangirls over 21 :/

So far, so good! I'm taking an iPhone break for a few.

And people like that make me laugh and laugh.

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