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You can call me Hal.

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(no subject)
I'm about halfway through Initial D First Stage and still loving it so very much but I can't help thinking it would be just that much better if they all had CB radios.

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(Deleted comment)
Damn, this is what I get for not reading LJ for four days. I thought it was going to be later somehow.


(Deleted comment)
Awesome, thank you! I've just been reading up at mangahelpers and sadly the scan wasn't there.

Oh the boys are all so amazing and lovely and they are BACK! This fandom will never, ever end.

My lovely Momo and Kaidou are still fighting ♥ No idea why they all appear to be still in middle school, but I expect we'll have an English translation at some point ^^

They will still be fighting when they are 82 years old. ♥

Initial D?! Omg, I haven't heard anything about that for so long. Brings back memories. It's nice hearing some appreciation for old school anime. A lot of the newer stuff has been mindnumbing...in a not so good way. xP

It's been on my to-watch list for a long time and I finally got started with it. All the boys are way too fun.

*nods* All things are better with CB radios.

If only they would replace Twitter...

I am currently rewatching it at breakfast every morning. I still get excited as if it were the first time! And gods I adore the music.

CB radios? ::Goes to Wikipedia:: What for?

The CB radio thing is just a joke. :)

*evil grin* That would be fun. Though I have to doubt Takumi would even notice, once he's well into his groove. Unless it was Ryousuke talking, but that gets more obvious later.

I think anybody would pay attention if it was Ryousuke talking. :D

So excited to watch more!

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