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You can call me Hal.

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Prince of Tennis: The Exact Same Generation
♥ konomi ♥
New Prince of Tennis 1 MQ RAW @ Mangahelpers. Read a summary/translation by ann_applecore.

IT'S BACK! IT'S CRACK! I am full of flail and glee!

All the boys, all the schools! Momo and Kaidoh racing and fighting! Inui being awesome! ♥

I just worry I'm not going to get to see Horio enough. I assume that this is taking place before the stuff at the end of the last issue. Or maybe it's just after. (Oh, Kaidoh-buchou!)

What do you most hope to see during the training camp? Me: Data Pair doubles and lots of it. Also, Inui macking on Kaidoh.

My favourite panel:

Why don't I have an Atobe/Momo icon yet?

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DATA PAIR DOUBLES. \o/ \o/ \o/


I actually didn't get around to reading the end of the PoT manga because it was getting more and more ridiculous and we never got that Inui match.. I can't remember the flash forward to Kaidoh-buchou. I vaguely remember something but I thought it was theoretical?

Jog my memory?

I'm just a *little* excited (sarcasm) for the new POT, even though it's just going to be fanservice, right?

It didn't seem theoretical to me -- it just jumped ahead to Kaidoh-buchou and Momo and the trio looking a little older and then all the upperclassmen came to visit them, while Ryoma was back in the US.

It's going to be total fluff crack and I don't even care. I have other sports series to read for the plot. :)


Yeah I don't remember that at all. I think I must have missed it.

When I say theoretical I meant that it was a fan hypothesis.

It'll be nice to see more of the other characters.

Ah! It's true that I'd hypothesized it for years... But I'm surprised you didn't hear me screaming when it was confirmed. :D

Argh... I know I was *really* busy last year, but this is ridiculous.

You don't post *that* often.. I'm going to go back through your archives.

I hope to see, aside from more InuKai, the third years graduation ceremony and Kaidoh's reaction to getting picked as buchou.


I haven't read all of the manga yet, just bits and pieces of it and then the end, but this is the greatest fan service ever and I fully expect to love it. I'm looking forward to seeing how they handle most of the team moving on to high school (I'm assuming it's not all going to take place at the training camp?) and maybe some Taka angst. And some Tezuryo. ♥

Yeah, I hope it's not all training camp. But I bet it will be for the next year or so. Which could be fun. :)

The manga never had the intense TezuRyo that the anime did for some reason. But hopefully there will be an anime adaptation and then we'll get the good stuff!


I didn't even realize how much I was looking forward to this until it was suddenly HERE. I don't even care what we see I'm just beside myself :D :D :D

I know! We can criticize later; right now there is only glee. And hopefully toast.


Oh god, I love how it looks like Momo is literally ABOUT TO BE HIT BY THE HYOTEI BUS.

They are forever in love! And the panel with them racing and Fuji watching them -- delicious!


Clearly a euphemism for "ravished by Atobe".

Agh, yes, that was perfect.

I fully approve of this interpretation.

Data Pair doubles.
Everyone wants that. Just that.

God, yes. It should be a feature in every issue.

(Deleted comment)
It's so crazy and we love it so much!

Sadly, they are sporadic. I check every day. http://doremiiscale.blogspot.com/

That picture really does look like Momo's about to be run over by the bus. Did Atobe tell the driver to hit the accelerator? Atobe/Momo?!

What do you most hope to see during the training camp?

MORE MOMOKAI ♥ and the first chapter did not disappoint. I still cannot bring myself to like InuKai, and I hate myself for it.

More wacky antics with Shitenhouji

More physics-defying stunts from Ryoma, giving further ammunition to all those who complain that he's an overpowered Stu

More hot shirtless tennis boys

Most definitely Atobe/Momo!

I am sure there will be both MomoKai and InuKai galore, so something for everyone! :)

Why Atobe/Momo? I am genuinely intrigued.

But then why not Everyone/Everyone? Crack is love. WE HAVE MISSED YOU, TENIPURI

Atobe demonstrated an unusual interest in Momo when they first met. And it would be both funny and hot. :)

But then why not Everyone/Everyone?

That is the beauty of this series. :D

What do you most hope to see during the training camp? Me: Data Pair doubles and lots of it. Also, Inui macking on Kaidoh.


Nothing makes a balanced diet like Data Pair and InuKai. Gah. I certainly hope Renji and Inui get smooshed together and it makes Kaidoh growly and frowny and Momo teases him about it and Momo and Kaidoh get in a fight and start making out which makes Kaidoh feel guilty and Inui said and Renji is sad because Inui is stupid and in love with his kouhai and not him so he goes and plays with Akaya's hair for a little bit.


That's a lovely fic right there! Just work in a tiny bit of FujiKai and it will be properly epic. :D

Oh, FujiKai. The angst to end all angst! I swear, Kaidoh really is the team bicycle. Every regular wants a piece of him.

Kaidoh will one day kill himself with guilt!

(Deleted comment)
Ooh, yes -- they should definitely play! And fool around, yes. Yes. And claim it's all about Tezuka, but really it isn't.

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