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Prince of Tennis: The Exact Same Generation

New Prince of Tennis 1 MQ RAW @ Mangahelpers. Read a summary/translation by ann_applecore.

IT'S BACK! IT'S CRACK! I am full of flail and glee!

All the boys, all the schools! Momo and Kaidoh racing and fighting! Inui being awesome! ♥

I just worry I'm not going to get to see Horio enough. I assume that this is taking place before the stuff at the end of the last issue. Or maybe it's just after. (Oh, Kaidoh-buchou!)

What do you most hope to see during the training camp? Me: Data Pair doubles and lots of it. Also, Inui macking on Kaidoh.

My favourite panel:

Why don't I have an Atobe/Momo icon yet?
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