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PoT Fic, sort of: Atobe + Ryoma

I was looking through my WIPs, in case I wanted to do that meme, and I found this (not a WIP). When I was trying to work out a story for my santa_smex fic last fall and was in the throes of despair and frustration such that I have never before experienced with a story, I wrote this, in case I could get away with submitting it as my real story it made me feel better. And it did, until kestrelsan forbade me from killing off Karupin.

Atobe + Ryoma by Hal

Ryoma came to Japan again. "Where's Atobe?" he said to Momoshiro.

"Don't you mean, 'Where's Tezuka?'?" Momoshiro said in a puzzled voice, partly because he was confused about Ryoma and partly because he didn't know how to properly punctuate his question.

"What Tezuka and I had was only about tennis," Ryoma said, "and so after I'd beaten him at tennis six or seven times, I got bored with him. Atobe seems like he has other skills that could challenge me. Plus he's ultra-rich and I need a new racquet."

"Oh," said Momoshiro. "Well, in that case, I think he's either working for his father, playing the piano in a soulful fashion, or sitting in an exclusive nightclub looking bored."

"I'll go look for him then," Ryoma said.

"Good luck!" said Momoshiro, with confidence in his punctuation. "And if he tells you that we used to date, it's a total lie."


Ryoma, after stopping to crush several opponents at street tennis, went to Atobe's father's business and had them page him. The business was a huge multi-national conglomerate, but they had this really cool PA system that worked in every location at once. So it turned out Atobe wasn't there.

Next Ryoma, after stopping to eat nine bowls of ramen, went to Atobe's house, the one in Tokyo, to see if he was there playing piano. The servents checked every one of the twenty-seven grand pianos but Atobe wasn't playing any of them, soulfully or otherwise.

So finally, after stopping to visit the grave of his cat, Karupin, who was buried at the temple at Ryoma's old house, Ryoma went to the most exclusive nightclub in the city. There was a line-up but since Ryoma was a famous tennis pro with really hot sultry looks besides, they let him in right away.

There in the corner, drinking the most expensive Scotch in the world, was Atobe, looking bored. Ryoma sat down beside him and Atobe poured him a drink without changing his bored expression at all, even though he hadn't seen Ryoma in about three years.

They exchanged some snarky comments and had sex and it was technically good but emotionally unfulfilling and they both lay there afterwards, staring at the ceiling, and thinking about Tezuka.

The end.
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