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That WIP meme

Post a single sentence from each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations. No more than one sentence!

Some of these are being worked on. Some may be worked on in the future. Some are abandoned.

  1. Whenever Jensen sees a pretty woman, he wonders what she'd look like fucking Jared.

  2. Kaidoh pulls off his bandana and sticks his whole head under the tap, turning his face to catch the stream of water in his mouth.

  3. Shin sat alone in the dark, wondering why he felt lost when he knew exactly where he was.

  4. There were four freckles near Kaidoh's wrist and if Inui connected them with a pen, they would form a parallelogram, almost a square.

  5. He wanted that now, alone in the sky, instead of standing in this crowded room, waiting for Treize.

  6. Tezuka remembered all of this in a splash, a sex dream about Inui, and now he was standing stark naked in the middle of his room and Inui's voice was in his ear.

  7. At breakfast, I tried to tell Gran about being gay, but I choked on a bit of bacon and she had to thump my back.

  8. "Do you want to study math tonight?" Tezuka says, just as though he weren't a homosexual, and Oishi gets tangled in the shirt he's pulling over his head.

  9. "About curling," Kaidoh said, when they were sitting down to supper.

  10. "For luck," he said and Marcus made a sharp sound in the back of his throat and pinned Oliver down on the floor.

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