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You can call me Hal.

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Downloading new FMA subs now...

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There there *reassures you*

It's already subbed?

I've seen at least three different subs so far! I imagine it will be a popular project.

Speaking of reassurance, there are scanlations for the new tenipuri chapters up: http://mangahelpers.com/m/new-prince-of-tennis

Thank you!! *off to read*


I almost got up at 4am to see if I could see this on keyhole TV but lol, it totally wasn't worth it, so I waited.

...Do I not even have an FMA icon anymore? Hmm.

Getting rid of your FMA icons is like getting rid of your Slam Dunk icons!

I'm still trying to find the right frame of mind to watch this in. Good thing I have...*checks*...1h10m to figure that out.

I've apparently got about 10 minutes.

on the other hand, i did just go through and read the first 3 chapters of SPoT, and Inui owns my soul. "don't take them off!" Also, did you see that panel where Oishi was practically peeing himself with joy at Buchou and Ryoma's reunion? He's such a fangirl, I adore him AND the mis-placed (or maybe PERFECTLY PLACED) tennis ball in that panel.

My torrent is super-slow for some reason. Possibly God hates me.

Inui is the master, yes it's true! I don't know why Oishi is so happy about Ryoma stealing his boyfriend; he's way too nice.

My fave panel is still the one of the Hyoutei bus bearing down on Momo. It's all his secret gay hopes and fears about Atobe in one big obvious metaphor.

(Deleted comment)
I've seen, I think, five different subs already -- it's a popular project!


I don't know what to do with myself. New FMA!! Ack!

That's just how I felt!

I will do that shortly!

How was it? Do I want to know? was it horrible? worth watching?


Posting about it tonight. :)

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