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You can call me Hal.

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Am trapped at wedding and cannot drink. Send fandom/pairing/prompt for one line fic.

Tenipuri/TezuRyo/glasses :)

"Let me borrow those, buchou," Ryoma says and Tezuka knows he shouldn't allow such liberties in public, but he can't help but wonder how they look.

But being drunk at weddings is the whole point!

InuKai - love :D

I know, it's pathetic, but I get a migraine just thinking about drinking these days.

"It's from the French for 'goose egg'," Inui says, in his "warming for a lecture" voice and Kaidoh wonders just how much more obvious he will have to be.

Prince of Tennis, Long Ma/Xiao Bo, asking forgiveness.

Nice pairing choice!

Xiao Bo figures it will be three days but it's only two before Long Ma is back, asking too loudly for a match, glancing sideways to see if they're okay, and Xiao Bo is too surprised to do anything but smile.

Prince of Tennis, MomoKai. They can't drink.

"Who knew they'd card us?" Momoshiro says, outside the club, and Kaidoh puts on his angry face but really he's glad they can just go back and snuggle in front of the TV.

IniD, Ryousuke and Keisuke (either as brothers, or brothers who love each other an awful lot, up to you), and fraternal hijinks.

It's not a virus, not really, just a joke, and it's not like Ryousuke does anything to Keisuke's car, but the pink in his hair isn't budging no matter how much he scrubs and Keisuke vows to never touch Ryousuke's computer again, not even to surf for porn.

Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, armor? :)

Wow, my first Merlin fic. :D

"It's so heavy," Merlin says, "I can't even move," and it's that much hotter inside the full plate when Arthur tips him back against the wall and grins.

The concrete is cold and hard and they are so exposed up here, he's terrified, but Kaidoh can't -- he can't -- say no to these white-light moments with Inui, and anyway, he doesn't want to know if Inui could.

Jack. Wedding (not his). Cannot flirt.

Oh, the bridesmaids and that usher and the bride's mother and the champagne and that man with the cane and the glint in his eye who Jack is sure he had once, thirty years ago, but it's all hands off and mouth shut and he should never have made that bet, never, no matter what Ianto promised him if he won.

Fullmetal Alchemist. Ed, Al, and...voice breaking.

When Al managed to put two whole ocatves into the word "brother," Ed wondered if they should wait until Al was done with puberty before getting him back into his body.

Pot/Tezuka+Kaidoh/accidental kissing

Tezuka wiped his mouth on the back of his hand and said he'd tripped over Horio's racquet, but when he saw Kaidoh's blush he wondered who'd really left it on the floor.

What kind of sadists disallow drinking at their wedding?!

(Deleted comment)
PoT/Zhen Zhi + Hai Tang/Glances

why would you put yourself in that situation?

Arthur/Merlin - misplaced.