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You can call me Hal.

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Beautiful Day

The sun is shining, I'm not at work, I'm playing Billy Talent on my iPhone, and the private school boys were playing lacrosse when I walked past their grounds.

I have so much energy, so many ideas, so much extra smartness I'm buzzing, bouncing, freaking out.

Now if I could just focus...

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It is gorgeous.

alas I am at work. and listening to an absurd convo about Word.

I glutted myself on Merlin fic last night but none of it was what I wanted.

Are you going to write some Merlin fic of your own?

Word is absurd already.

sadly, no. I don't write anything anymore.

It's amazing how much the weather can help some days. :)

For fucking serious, my friend, for fucking serious.

Boys playing lacrosse. Lovely!

Dying. You are a bit of a genius there, if I may say so. *applauds*

It was an accident! Mostly. :)

It sounds picture perfect :) I like to hear that you are happeeeeeeeee

How lovely!

Maybe it's a good day for writing?

In fact, that is what I have been doing. :) Now for some eating and reading.

And I just finished doing that! (:

Hope the day continues to be excellent.

so how did it go? did you finally focus? :)

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