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Life, Prince of Tennis, and Everything

✖ Monday night I was relaxing and reading some blogs and I suddenly thought: I wish it were morning so I could go to work. Seriously, my job is like my new fandom, or something. I get to go there and be smart and sought-after and admired and do fun and challenging things and look hot at the same time. And they fucking pay me!

✖ I only made it about two weeks without dairy. It was that wedding I had to go to that did me in. I ate some goat cheese at the salad course and then added some cream to my terrible but necessary coffee to make it palatable. And then when I got home I ate half a stick of butter. My lack of willpower is shameful! But seriously it was hard to make up the fat calories I lost from cutting butter. I just can't eat that much coconut oil.

✖ We've just started Nationals in our Prince of Tennis rewatch. I once again cried the bitter tears of a Tezuka/Oishi shipper as we were cheated -- cruelly cheated -- out of seeing their match. But there were other things that made me smile. Momo-Kaidoh-ish things:

I completely forget why, but Momo was making a noisy fuss courtside. Kaidoh told him to be quiet, they weren't at the zoo. I turned to the Boy and said, "The zoo must be where they go on their dates." I have added "cranky zoo date" to my list of MomoKai fics to write. ♥

Later on, that big guy in Higa hoists Ryoma by his collar and Momo yells out to him. Some random Higa kid yells, "Do you want to fight, Tokyo boy?" Momo is on his way over the fence when Kite warns him that they are all martial arts experts. "We won't know unless we try," Momo says. "Will we, Mamushi?" "Bring it on," Kaidoh says. And every time I read or watch this, every time, I hope that they really will mix it up with Higa because I am dying to see Momo and Kaidoh in a fight, on the same side. Maybe they will yet, in shin tenipuri! I don't have to add this one to my own list, though, because I've already written it.

✖ Writing 20 minutes a day is working out great! I haven't missed a day since I started. And I'm actually getting some fic finished. I'm back to working on the Fuji/Kaidoh now and after that either some Data Pair or MomoKai. It's just a little time out of my day but I feel so much more productive and engaged.

✖ I also feel like I've got a much better digital/analog balance right now. In the mornings before work, I read, I don't go online. On work days, I usually read LJ only once, after work. I spend more time cooking, walking, etc. I'm working my way through my backlog of TV, anime, manga, and toku but not feeling guilty for being behind. Things are good!

Doctor Who was fucking fantastic.

♥ And so are you.
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