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You can call me Hal.

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Big News: Prince of Tennis Chinese drama episode 9 subs!
hai tang + daddy
DoReMii released episode 9 of dramapuri!. There are torrent links here; they usually post an MU download within a week or so.

Mmm, Fudomine!

My obsessive reloading of my D-Addicts tennis search paid off! But I'll have to wait until after work -- or worse, after D&D -- to watch it. :(


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Holy crap. The one day I don't check the website...! XD

*goes to inject Dramapuri into her veins like the addict she is*

I reload it like five times every day just in case!

ooh, episode 9 *downloads*

Who or what is D&D?

D&D = Dungeons & Dragons

Episode 9 was wonderful!

Torrent isn't working for me. I'll have to wait for the MU :'( Damnit, I wanna see Fudomine!

God, are we already on episode 9? I really need to catch up. D:

You really, really need to catch up!

I'm embarking on my last week of classes ever in my undergraduate career. I'm about to have a TON of free time on my hands. :) (I can finally get back to Slam Dunk, too!)


Ahhhhhhhh, thanks for pointing that out! I just checked it yesterday, in fact, and was getting antsy for it. *waits impatiently for download*

I'm behind on quite a few things, but NEVER on dramapuri. :)

Heck yessss, just in time for my Prince of Tennis Marathon with my friend tomorrow 8D

Lucky! Did you have fun?

We sure did! It wasn't as epic as the time when we watched TeniPuri, TeniMyu and DramaPuri for 22 hours non-stop though XDD

OMG they were so awesome.

This scene, you know? It reminded me of that fic you wrote. The one where everyone is gay and only Momo thinks he's not.

Oh, that's too funny! I also enjoyed Hai Tang's obvious jealousy. :)

I just DL 1-8 and watched them last night and today. Pretty good show. I will get number 9 once they load it to MU. Thanks for the link (again).

I'm glad you liked it! I love the show so much.

I figure this fandom will never run out of fresh canon!

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