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You can call me Hal.

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Shin Tenipuri 4 & 5
momo south park
New chapters! Yay!

Although I've come to love Momoshiro, I don't really think he's hot. Except when he's hitting the Jack Knife. Actually, everybody is hot when they're hitting a Jack Knife: Momo, Tezuka, Inui, Atobe, even this demon guy! If Kaidoh hit a Jack Knife, I might need medical attention.

I loved this crazy match. Is it even possible to play with only two cross-strings like that? I'm sure it's not possible to play with your racquet clutched in your arms! Wow, Momo, you sure gave it all you had, even if it wasn't enough in the end. Such persistence might earn you some storage closet time with Kaidoh afterwards, though Kaidoh may have some competition:

Yeah, I'm hoping that the focus of the new series is on the epic love of Atobe and Momo. This is a pairing whose time has come!

And how about those match-ups at the end? So many love love pairs! And after holding my hands over my ears and singing LALALALALA careful consideration, I'm of the opinion that the mental coach is just messing with their fragile little minds about being sent home. As someone pointed out -- either ontenipuri or MangaHelpers -- it would be dumb for them to lose all the best doubles pairs.

I'm so looking forward to Inui vs Mizuki, but even more to -- OMG -- Tezuka vs Kaidoh. I've long thought Kaidoh was cheated out of a match with Tezuka. Ryoma got to play him. Momo got to play him twice. I'm sure Kaidoh will lose but I'm also sure he'll do well in the process. And if he does have to go home after that, well, I'll deal. Somehow.

But even more than that, I want to know how they ended up paired!!! I mean, this isn't Guo Guang and Hai Tang here. Whose idea was it? I suspect that Kaidoh suspected the true nature of the match-ups and seized his chance to play Tezuka. (Either that or Tezuka is among the hundreds of others after Kaidoh's hot ass.)

The Data Pair synchro was also very fine. I am hoping for lots and lots of Data Pair in shin tenipuri. Lots.

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I actually think Momo is a lot better looking in the anime, where you can see his lovely purple eyes.

At least Tezuka won't MUTILATE Kaidou like Momo's opponent did. Someone at shin_tenipuri suggested that it's probably against official regulations to have a racket with just two strings, and granted accuracy is not exactly the byword here, but then there was the issue of Davide's racket being the maximum length allowed ... IDK.

Don't want Kaidou to fight Atobe for storage closet time with Momo *weep* On the other hand, Atobe can afford to pay for all the medical care that Momo will now need

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I don't think Atobe will go near the storage closet; he'll just order Kabaji to bring Momo to him. :D

He can take Momo for expensive nights on the town ^^ and Kabaji will accompany them on every one of their dates. Just as long as Momo realizes money ain't all and goes back to Kaidou eventually ...

Yeah, I'm hoping that the focus of the new series is on the epic love of Atobe and Momo.

ha ha, yesssssssss.

Fuck I love it when you post. XDDD Seriously, you have the most entertaining entries I've ever had the pleasure to read! And oh GOD. Yes. MOMO AND ATOBE. AND TEZUKA AND KAIDOH. AND INUI AND MIZUKIIII. I keep hoping somehow Mizuki will morph into Guan Yue and give Inui that sex-kitten look he's so good at giving, but it hasn't happened yet.

Bunny Buchou and Hai Tang. ;______; Thanks to you, I cannot unsee them and want them together more and more. But I definitely think that Tezuka is totally after Kaidoh's hot ass. ;D Get in line, Tezuka!

Data Pair. ;___; Fuck. I LOVE THIS SERIES SO HARD. Renji and Inui are totally BFFs. BOYFRIENDS FOREVER. I wish I could decide who I like more -- Inui x Renji or Inui x Kaidoh. Or even Renji x Akaya.

*sobs* All SO DAMN GOOD.

So many good pairings! I mean match-ups! I'm sure Mizuki will try a sex kitten look even if he's not Guan Yue. That is if they're not playing near the Fuji brothers' court. In which case he'll be so distracted that he'll get hit in the head. Unless Inui is also distratcted trying to take Fuji's data. Hmm...

Daddy loves Hai Tang. Hai Tang loves Daddy. Zhen Zhi is sad. That is all I have to say about that.

Data Pair is so awesome! What I really want is lots of Data Pair chat and doubles and roommates and a bit of kouhai jealousy for good measure. Then Kaidoh and Kirihara can go beat each other up to relieve their feelings.

I want more now!

And by Data Pair chatting, you totally mean Renji and Inui pwning n00bs on World of Warcraft as they talk to each other about how awesome their private server is through dorky headsets and microphones? ;DDDDD

y/y? ;D

Poor Zhen Zhi. I think it's time Sex Kitten Guan Yue come over to give Zhen Zhi some data love. They could reminisce over the intramural tournament they had over the summer... When Guan Yue and Zhen Zhi shared a room. Among other things.

*coughs* Developing non-canon stories for a Chinese spin-off of Prince of Tennis? CHECK. ;D

Also, I believe Fuji has become Inui's sworn enemy. ;D And I totally approve.

That's totally what I mean. Also, they have sex a lot.

I like your non-canon also. You should make a series about the summer tournament!

I remember the days when a spot of blood on the courts had Oishi running out there with his little first aid kit...

He's become so jaded...


Tezuka is among the hundreds of others after Kaidoh's hot ass. I agree with this theory.

Ughhhhhh I am so pleased about all of this. :)

I can't wait either! Buchou vs jiki buchou! Creepy data guy vs creepy data guy! I hope Konomi doesn't skimp on the matches.

YES. Oh my god, if Konomi is just dangling this in front of us and then doesn't deliver, I am going to be VERY disappointed.

damn. I forgot how much I loved this series. Now I feel the urge to watch the entire anime all over again. It's a sickness, I tell ya....

You should! That's what I've been doing. :)

(Deleted comment)
You should not feel wrong at all, even vaguely. :)

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