Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Werewolves and Jedi make good boyfriends


I've been thinking about werewolves a bit, both from reading Harry Potter and from my current Buffy re-watching. We're partway through S3 and Oz is just too sweet.

Oz and Remus are both werewolves. When the moon is full, they change into rampaging hell-beasts, lose their minds, and must be confined. For the rest of the month, though, they are mild-mannered, gentle, and just plain nice.

In effect, they've been feminized. The phases of the moon govern them, in an imitation of the female menstrual cycle. They still have all that nasty male aggression in them, but it's confined to a short period and got rid of all at once. For the rest of the time, they can act with an atypical gentleness and sensitivity.

When Oz tries to learn to integrate the wolf into himself, he has trouble controlling himself, begins to change under stress, even when the moon isn't full, and nearly causes harm to someone even though he doesn't want to.

Remus is able to suppress the monthly savagery with a potion. He still transforms, but is drugged so that he can control the aggression.

So, these werewolf boys seem more thoughtful, sensitive, and understanding than their male peers. A good catch for the long haul.


Jedi make good boyfriends too. (Not discussing female Jedi here, since I'm keeping them all for myself.) While they are just as -- and sometimes more -- aggressive as other men, they are also highly in tune with themselves.

The whole Jedi discipline is predicated on knowing yourself, on being aware of your feelings, of what's within. So, a Jedi isn't going to be oblivious about his feelings for you. He might even talk to you about them.

When I'm reading slash, I'm sometimes bothered by male characters discussing their feelings with each other. But if Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan do it, it fits within their whole philosophy, their way of life. In effect, you can hike the romance up a notch and still keep it in character.

Sensitive, new age guys -- snap one up if you can.


Pirates are probably better for a one-night stand, unless you're another pirate. Yo ho!

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