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You can call me Hal.

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It's not like I remember the birthdays of REAL people...
kaidoh hufflepuff
May 11 is coming up soon!

Poll #1395847 Kaidoh's Birthday Wishlist

For his birthday, Kaidoh would most like:

to not be the Seigaku bicycle for a change
a puppy

What birthday gift would Inui give Kaidoh?

What birthday gift would Momo give Kaidoh?

What birthday gift would YOU give Kaidoh?

Kaidoh is as wonderful as:

the first day of spring after a long winter
dark chocolate with almond and orange
a handful of sparkly diamonds
an iPhone

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Oh my. Am i first?

:D I would give kaidoh Inui if I could. But alas, a kitty collar is far more easier.

I'm kind of imagining Inui wrapping himself up in ribbon for Kaidoh. It's frightening! :D

oooooo. :D

Kaidoh will be all horrified before Inui launch himself at him. They he will turn bright red and aroused. Both proceed to have hot mad sex. Leers.

I say Kaidou wants Momo for his birthday ^^ I've been deliberately setting aside time from finals to write a birthday fic for him, but no idea whether it will be finished on time. I will do my best. He's worth it.

I usually figure what he *really* wants is for me to leave him alone for a change, but that's not always what he gets. :D

I might actually have to write about Momo hiding inside a birthday cake and then jumping out of it nude. That would be surprisingly hot ...

Last year I had that tenipuri calendar thing with everyone's birthdays on it. I never gave presents to anyone though.

Sometimes I manage fic. And sometimes I forget. Inui usually gets Data Pair what with him and Yanagi being almost-twins.

Can't choose between the first day of spring after a long winter and Atobe, sorry!

I picked iPhone, myself.

Atobe would do more for my self-esteem than an iPhone, I think. Besides, my ex trained me to hate everything Apple. ;)

Kaidoh definitely wants Inui, two ferrets and a kitten for his birthday. ;D

Kaidoh is going to be a busy boy with all that to take care of!

And his room is going to be a wreck. It's going to drive him insane. ;D

I hope this means you're going to be writing fic for all the winning answers! :D

I'm secretly hoping the winning answer will be RyoKai.

Really, I do need some inspiration! I feel like all of my ideas right now are too flat or too long. And it's not just Kaidoh's birthday on the 11th, the 22nd is another PIKL day so I need some InuKai for that.

I honestly feel like I wouldn't be disappointed no matter what it was. Except maybe the puppy. That'd just be weird.

I know how you feel. School always saps me entirely of any creative energy I once had. But that's about to be done with, so hopefully my little mental block will be done with, too!

Oooh, I need to mark these down on my calendar.

Oh, MomoKai. I'll never forget their love no matter how far I travel from PoT fandom!

I could not answer the last question because Kaidoh is the superlative.

You make a valuable point!

(Deleted comment)
Hee! That would definitely be hot. Or really, really awkward. :D

hah, I like jefcat's answers
(and thanks for the poll. lots of fun)

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