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You can call me Hal.

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PoT Fic: Sun Gets In Your Eyes (MomoKai)
mk together

Sun Gets In Your Eyes by Halrloprillalar / prillalar
Prince of Tennis, Momo/Kaidoh, R, 1300 words.
After Momo's shuffle match, the inevitable missing scene.

Timeline/Spoilers: New Prince of Tennis Chapters 4 & 5


Kawamura and Kurobane helped Momo off the court. "Too bad, Momo," Kawamura said. They dropped him on a bench, in the shade.

"The sun was in my eyes." A bead of sweat rolled down Momo's face. It itched. He managed to lift his arm to swipe it off. It was his own hand on his face, but it felt like someone else was touching him. So weird.

"Are you okay, Momo?" Oishi knelt in front of him. "Why didn't you forfeit?"

"Fine, I'm fine." Not a single game.

"You should go to the medical room right away."

"No need." Not a single point. How incredibly loserish of him. How amazingly sucktastic.

"Momoshiro," Tezuka said.

"Okay, I'm going." Momo heaved himself to his feet. He took four steps and stumbled, the ground was rushing up to meet him, and his arms still belonged to someone else. Probably they'd left him for someone who wasn't from Loser Town.

His shoulder jerked in the socket and he swung back up, almost too far. He looked down. Fingers around his arm. He looked up. Kaidoh.

"I'll take him," Kaidoh said. He pulled Momo's arm over his shoulder, grabbed Momo around the waist.

"I don't need help." Momo concentrated on not sagging against Kaidoh.

Kaidoh just grunted and started walking and Momo had to walk too, because if he let go, he'd fall over.

A few people called after them, too bad, don't mind, the kind of stuff you call out after somebody who not only lost every point of every game, but who lost face for the whole entire junior high contingent, only you're too polite to tell him he should just pack up and go home. Not that Momo could even actually pack right now.

Kaidoh didn't say anything, which was pretty normal, but Momo wondered just what it was he wasn't saying. Which was pretty normal for Momo too. The only way to get Kaidoh to speak his mind was to get him angry and although that had been one of Momo's primary hobbies, these days he was finding other things to do with Kaidoh.

But that was before Momo's epic failitude. Maybe Kaidoh was just going to toss Momo in a dumpster, metaphorically, and, since it was Kaidoh, literally as well.

"Do you even know where the medical room is?" Pins and needles pricked at Momo's arms. It was like an itch on the inside of his skin, just where he couldn't scratch it. At least that meant they wouldn't have to amputate. Probably.

"Did you even read the orientation handbook?" Kaidoh steered Momo inside a building, down a hallway.

"I think Echizen dropped mine into a sink."

Kaidoh snorted, which clearly meant he didn't believe Momo, which was probably because Momo was clearly lying. They turned a corner and there was the medical room, which saved Momo from having to think up a new and better lie.

"You've strained your wrists," the nurse told hi,. "They'll be fine by tomorrow if you don't use them too much." She gave him a glass of juice with a straw. "You're probably a little dehydrated. Drink that and rest here for a few minutes."

The juice was orange. The couch was comfortable. And he had all of his limbs. Momo leaned back and let go of his weight, sinking into the cushions. Unless the nurse was waiting until he was asleep to start the amputation. Well, too bad, because he wasn't about to fall asleep. It wasn't like he was even tired.

When he opened his eyes, the light in the room had changed. His arms were still attached. Also Kaidoh was standing over him. "I wasn't sleeping," Momo said.

"Then you should learn not to drool while you're awake."

Momo wiped his mouth. All the feeling was back in his wrists now, they were just sore. And he probably hadn't been drooling.

"The nurse said you should go back to your room until lunch."

"I'm fine." Momo swung his legs over the side of the couch and sat up.

"She said if you didn't, she'd have you kicked out."

"Jeez." But when Momo got to his feet, he figured that probably she knew best.

They walked over to the dormitory building. Momo took the stairs one at a time instead of his usual two. Kaidoh trailed behind him.

"Why are you coming with me?" Momo fumbled with his key card and dropped it. Kaidoh picked it up. "I don't need you to look after me."

Kaidoh opened the door. He looked at Momo. "It was a good match."

"I didn't get a single point!"

"You didn't give up. That's more important."

"Would you be saying that if it was you?"

Kaidoh shoved Momo into the room. He closed the door behind them. He pushed Momo up against the door. "The sun was in your eyes," he said and kissed him.

Momo's knees went kind of buckle-y, partly because Kaidoh usually had to be coaxed into these things and partly because Momo was really pretty exhausted. But mostly because of the kiss.

He wasn't sure when it had happened, but they'd levelled up from the enthusiastic but awkward face-sucking of a month ago to this whole new game of give and take. Kaidoh's lips were sort of serious and teasing at the same time and there was a lot less spit.

But the shaky, shivery feelings were the same. Momo got his hands on Kaidoh's hips, swiped his tongue into Kaidoh's mouth. Hoped the door would hold him up. Prayed Echizen wouldn't come back to change his shirt.

Kaidoh got his hand inside Momo's shorts and grabbed his dick, which was another thing Momo was hoping for. He pressed his cheek tight against Kaidoh's and bit his lip while Kaidoh jacked him, all the shivery, shaky threads twisting into one tight cord, until Momo gasped and came and hit the back of his head against the door.

"Idiot," Kaidoh muttered. "I don't want to have to take you back to the nurse."

"I'm fine." Momo took a deep breath, then opened his eyes. "Um," he said. "I'm not supposed to use my wrists."

Kaidoh pulled out his handkerchief, looked down at his hand, wiped each finger carefully. "Your mouth seems fine."

Momo's throat dried up and he stared at Kaidoh. Then he looked away. They hadn't done that before, they hadn't talked about it, not that they had talked about any of this, except, he guessed, until now. It was...Momo didn't know what it was. Serious, maybe. Serious and tense, like the air in the room. Though it wasn't like he'd never thought--

"Never mind." Kaidoh put his hands on Momo's shoulders and rocked up against him, Kaidoh's dick rubbing against Momo's hipbone. Momo exhaled and grabbed Kaidoh's ass, to, you know, help. The door bumped in the frame with every thrust of Kaidoh's hips. Momo looked at Kaidoh's closed eyes, watching until Kaidoh's fingers tightened and his hips jerked and his face pulled into a grimace.

It made Momo feel strange, deep in his belly, and he looked away. When Kaidoh started breathing again, he let go. Momo's knees gave him final warning and he stumbled over onto the bed.

Kaidoh stayed by the door. "I'll see you at lunch," he said. He put his handkerchief in his pocket.

"I should have known," Momo said. "Seeing me lose is what gets you worked up."

Kaidoh opened the door. He looked back over his shoulder. "It was a good match," he said again. And then he was gone.

Maybe it was, Momo thought, and fell asleep before he could get up to change.


Comments of any kind are always welcome. :)

Oh Momo


... back later when I can leave a halfway coherent review. I think you might have single-handedly restored my faith in this ship *sighs with happiness*

Aw. :) I'm glad to hear it!

"Your mouth seems fine." KAIDOH, YOU TOTAL SLUT.

Loved this. ♥ I've been jonesing for some MomoKai recently!

God, he so is! But only with Momo is he so overt. With Inui and Fuji, he conveys it all with facial expressions. And with Ryoma, he doesn't have to. :D

Yay! I'm always jonesing for MomoKai.

^_^ all sorts of happy. thank you for the missing scene.

How do you do it? Make me love MomoKai so much? HOW? It must be magic...

Ah, I just love everything about this. Poor Momo... he just wants to be so good and so strong and when he isn't, he's pissed and angry but in the end, he quickly gets over it because Kaidoh's mouth has magical healing properties. ;D

...I wonder what Kaidoh does with that bandana once he leaves. Does he find somewhere to do laundry? Or does he just stuff it into his bag, always knowing it's there...? Carrying Momo's come.

Ewww. XD (Though Kaidoh is just dirty enough to like that sort of thing. No wait, that's Inui. Pervy, dirty boys.)

It's not magic, it's just Kaidoh Kaoru. :) :) :)

These two are so good for each other! They are the same in canon, only without the handjobs.

The fate of the handkerchief...it will always be a mystery. :D


And next they go and beat somebody up together, right?

"Your mouth seems fine."

My favourite line also!
Is there a get-together prequel to this? I love get-together fics more than anything!

I'm glad you liked it. :) No prequel, but I'm sure you could bolt on quite a few of my MK get-together stories and make them fit.

(Deleted comment)
He was feeling a little bold there. :D I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Your momokai is, as ever, a thing of beauty.

"Your mouth seems fine."

... Kaidou, I'm on to you and your secret evil ways. <3

Aw, thank you! Kaidoh has also leveled up in sexy banter, it seems. :D

Maybe Kaidoh was just going to toss Momo in a dumpster, metaphorically, and, since it was Kaidoh, literally as well.

I liked this line best, actually. XD

"You've strained your wrists," the nurse told hi,.


"Then you should learn not to drool while you're awake."

Unless Momo's drooling over Kaidoh, of course. :3

I love the way you write Momo. <3

Momo is very fun to write, especially with Kaidoh. (Do I ever write him *not* with Kaidoh? Hmm...) I'm glad you liked the story! (And thanks for catching that typo.)

This was wonderful. ♥ Kaidoh is a whore and I love them so much akldfjlkajdf;ljs

He is! But I can't help but think we're partly to blame. :D

I'm glad you liked this! There can never be too much MomoKai.

"Would you be saying that if it was you?"

Kaidoh shoved Momo into the room. He closed the door behind them. He pushed Momo up against the door. "The sun was in your eyes," he said and kissed him.

Loved this snippet in particular. And I can totally live in the delusion that this actually happened after the match, I can. ;D

I'm glad you enjoyed it! It seemed like the most logical post-match outcome. :)

Very good story! Thank you for sharing.

"I'm fine." Momo took a deep breath, then opened his eyes. "Um," he said. "I'm not supposed to use my wrists."

Kaidoh pulled out his handkerchief, looked down at his hand, wiped each finger carefully. "Your mouth seems fine."

♥ for that part!

Also - love your Momo voice.

Momo is the most fun POV to write ever, I think. I'm glad you liked it!

"Your mouth seems fine."
Total complete WIN. XD That line was brilliant. *loves*

I rarely read MomoKai, but the way you write them is just so convincing that I cannot help myself! :D They're wonderful, and it was also really good to see fic set around the new series too!

Hee! Poor Momo, so disconcerted. :)

I don't know who else is writing MomoKai any more, I never seem to see it around. :( But I'm glad you find it enjoyable!

Ahh, I enjoyed this, of course. :) What I like about the way you write Momo and Kaidoh together (well, what I especially like) is ... hmm, how to word it. Sort of like, the way no matter how much of a front Momo might put up, Kaidoh sees through it 100%, and I get the feeling that it`s those insecurities and the things that Momo is trying to hide that Kaidoh actually really likes the most. At least, that`s how I read these things.

You know what, though? I`d love to read more Momo/Kai from you from Kaidoh`s perspective. He`s often this inscrutable force in Momo/Kai fic, where we know all of Momo`s inner thoughts and have no idea what`s going on in Kaidoh`s head. Maybe it just works better that way, but it`d be interesting to see how Kaidoh thinks about things.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! These two understand each other so well in canon, even if they don't quite realise it.

I had a look back through my MK and it's about 2/3 Momo POV and 1/3 Kaidoh, so not as even as the IK. Momo POV is certainly easier, more fun, and, really, gets the best response, so I suppose I favour him. I do have a longer MK WIP that's Kaidoh POV but I think it will probably be months before it sees the light of day, due to being OMG so hard to write.