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Prince of Tennis Chinese Drama Episode 10

Do Re Mii blog post with torrent.

So, yesterday was kind of crappy and I was tired and cranky and I got home feeling blah and there was the new episode! It cheered me up immensely. This was the first episode I haven't already watched raw so it was extra exciting. I just loved the whole thing so hard.

First item of note: Hai Tang is the most flirty minx possible! Dear God, when he went to warm up and had that teasing conversation with Chen Wei Ming! They looked like they were going to exchange numbers at any moment there. I think I'm going to assume that they did. I've often thought about Kaidoh/Kamio in a desultory sort of way but not done anything about it. Hai Tang/Wei Ming, though -- I'm already planning some out.

This match is a really good example of how different Kaidoh and Hai Tang are. Remember when Kaidoh won against Kamio? His expression of victory was a small fist clench. Hai Tang? Yells, jumps, throws his arms in the air, slaps the hands of the whole team, drapes himself over Cheng Wu, and goes on and on: It was really exciting, right? It was fun to watch, right?

And yet, they are both prideful and insecure. I guess I didn't lose face for the team, did I? and Don't underestimate Kaidoh Kaoru! aren't too dissimilar. It's like they took Kaidoh and kept all his other qualities but made him a massive extrovert instead of a severe introvert.

I ♥ them both too much to say.

Second item of note: Hai Tang may flirt with Wei Ming, Cheng Wu, Guo Guang, and anything else in pants, but his heart clearly belongs to Zhen Zhi. When he turned around and looked up at Zhen Zhi to thank him, oh! the subdued, almost worried expression on his face made me melt with joy and love. The bond between them goes deep.

Third item of note: Qu Ji Ping [Tachibana] is damn hot.

That chin! Yum! Also, I loved how he was the one to play against Long Ma. The way he used the Spot gave him a bit of a sinister edge which I much appreciated. Also, I'm sorry I didn't cap his Fist Bop of Love with Guo Guang.

Fourth item of note: "There are many things that are more important than a match."

He Chun Long and Zhou Zhu, sitting in a tree. ♥

Fifth item of note: Guo Guang is in Toastmasters. Maybe he can MC Zhen Zhi and Hai Tang's wedding (and try not to meet Hai Tang in the men's room for one last go-round). Seriously, such verve and humour in his speech! I love his enthusiasm and his bright smile and the way he and Zhen Zhi embraced when they won the match.

I could go on because there was nothing about this episode that I did not like, but this is probably long enough. I will just mention in passing that I've decided that Ju Wan is my boyfriend. So hands off.

Oh, and I got this from the blog site. I don't know if this is in or out of character, but, damn, could he BE any prettier?

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