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You can call me Hal.

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momo south park
You know those days when Momoshiro keeps hanging around in the InuKai you're writing, doing his best to change it into MomoKai, and you finally have to promise him an evening in Atobe's limo to get him to behave?

Yeah, me too.

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That's my boy ;)

Do you think you'll ever write MomoKai again? No one seems to write it any more :o I have about eight MomoKai fics on the go but Davide is trying to intrude on some of them now that mamuchan has got me into DaviKai (yeah ...)

It hasn't even been a week since I posted the last one! :D

Ooh, I think the cool thing about Davide/Kaidoh would be the corollory Momo/Kurobane!


I did actually write a fic where Momo is jealous that Kaidou got a boyfriend first, so D and K set him up on a series of unsuccessful blind dates until he ends up with Bane ... but can't post it till exams are finished. Blargh.

I usually just end up with a bathroom brawl and Momo sliding across soapy tiles and when it's over he acts like he won something or somethng while Kaidoh just glares and Inui gets all "hmm".

just to avoid the whole Atobe thing.

I really don't mind the whole Atobe thing. Especially with Momo. :)

You know that through some clumsy mishap, Momo will end up with both Kaidoh and Atobe, right? There is no use fighting a Momo when he's determined to get some of that sexy ankle-love.

Poor Inui. Perhaps he should go cicada-hunting with Renji.

Poor Inui indeed! But there's always Renji. Also Tezuka. And Fuji.

Good thing he's a tall, leggy sex-machine! And that he's got such good friends. When you're down, Inui, just turn to those around you! (I'd be wary of Fuji. Something sinister lies behind that sweet smile. Though I suppose Inui has always enjoyed tampering on the side of the sinister and destitute! ;D Naughty Sadaharu.)

This has to be one of the best posts on LJ ever. EVER.

Not coincidentally, Hal is also the author of the best comment I have ever received on my LJ.

I used to know which one that was but I've forgotten.

It was the "I can't lose to her!" one. XD

That is absolutely unsurprising.

They are! Momo takes shameless advantage of both me *and* Kaidoh.

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