Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

BRAINS! and other items of note.

Item: Happy Birthday, pixxers! I hope you have a fantastic day. ♥ *sneaks over and eats your brains*

Item: May Long! Stat holidays fill me with such sloth. I will be lucky if I get "Watch Kamen Rider Ryuuki" checked off my to-do list today.

Item: I'm sad I didn't see the Madrid Open final but I did get to see the photos of the sweet mutual grooming at the awards ceremony, so that was something. :)

Item: I forgot to post about it, but I saw Star Trek last week and it was AWESOME.

Item: I need $20K to buy a car. Do you think I would be more lucky with a lottery ticket if I'm only hoping to win a small amount of money and not six billion dollars? It seems to me that such lack of greed should be rewarded by the universe.

Item: I cannot think of anything clever for this item.

Item: I like BRAINS! cheese BRAINS!
Tags: i like robots better than you, on the subject of me
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