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PoT Fic: Early One Morning, InuKai

Here's the drabble I wrote for PIKL Day, reposted here for posterity. If I'd only had 15 more minutes with it, I'd have worked in some Friendly Giant references.

Early One Morning by Halrloprillalar / prillalar
Prince of Tennis, InuKai, 500 words, G.
Just as the sun was rising...

The squeaking woke Kaidoh. He rubbed his eyes and wondered if Hazue had got a new and defective alarm clock. But Hazue would hardly be getting up at 5:30 AM. And his alarm clock would hardly be outside on the lawn.

Kaidoh leaned out the window to see if it was a freak herd of urban pigs squealing in the back yard. But it was only Inui. Playing the recorder. Kaidoh rubbed his eyes again. But it turned out he was already awake.

Inui was frowning, presumably in concentration, but when he saw Kaidoh he smiled. And played louder. Kaidoh tried to figure out what song it was. Then "5:30 AM" jolted the inside of his skull and he waved his hands in the universal gesture for "shut the hell up before you wake the whole house".

It turned out to be remarkably similar to the universal gesture for "once more, with feeling." Kaidoh sighed, then climbed out his window and onto a tree branch. He shinned down as fast as he could and made it just as Inui finished up with a big flourish.

"Kaidoh!" Inui grabbed Kaidoh and crushed him into a hug, jamming the recorder into Kaidoh's spine, right where it was probably going to cause permanent paralysis. Also, the grass was wet and Kaidoh's feet were bare.

But Inui was warm and, well, it was nice. Kaidoh closed his eyes for a moment and smelled the collar of Inui's shirt before he pulled back. He liked the laundry soap Inui's mother used. "Did you come over to go running or something?"

"Does that mean you'll take me back?" Inui gripped the recorder, his arm halfway up, like he was going to start another number at any moment.

"Um, what?"

"Just give me a chance." Inui's voice was low and serious. "When you didn't show up at the coffee shop yesterday, I was worried. And then Kikumaru said he saw you off with Momoshiro and I know you probably have a lot more in common with him, but I've prepared a list of 123 reasons that you should consider--"

Kaidoh grabbed Inui's wrist, the one with the recorder. "I would never..." He couldn't even get the words out of his mouth. "NEVER. With him." He shook Inui's arm. "Never."

"It's someone else, then?" Inui frowned. "I might have to revise some of the reasons."

"It's no one else!" Kaidoh tried to remember what Inui said, before he mentioned that. "The coffee shop -- I thought that was tomorrow."

"Oh." Inui looked at the recorder, then at Kaidoh. "So, you're taking me back?"

"But I didn't..." Kaidoh looked down at the grass. "Yes." He stepped in and kind of leaned up against Inui briefly. "Yes."

Inui smiled and looked so glad Kaidoh smiled too, warm and happy everywhere except his feet.

"So, Kaidoh, I'm 8.4 kilograms heavier than you. Plus 200 grams for the recorder. Do you think that branch will hold my weight?"

"Yes," Kaidoh said. And it did.

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