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Stargate and Buffy

Random Stargate Reruns
I saw Exodus and Enemies this week, which was pretty cool. I should be able to tape S5 at the rate of two eps per week. Of course, I've not seen either S3 or S4, except for a couple of random eps. But I'm sure I'll work it all out somehow.

Peter Wingfield's character -- whose name escapes me -- was really excellent. I look forward to seeing his past and future. But how could they let him escape? I thought the Tok'ra were supposed to be extra smart but their redshirts are as redshirt-y as the anyone's. The old "sick prisoner" trick? Maybe they just don't watch enough TV.

I also find the shifting morality behind when you have to consider a Goa'uld's host a separate entity kind of intriguing. Sometimes they -- by whom I mean "the good guys", not just the Tok'ra -- are all, we can't kill the innocent host, and sometimes they just take 'em down.

Also -- blowing up a sun? I thought Kevin Sorbo was the only one who like to solve his problems with Nova bombs. It seems to me like this could have far-reaching consequences.

All in all, I enjoyed these a fair amount. And there was one really nice scene where Jack and Daniel were waiting for Sam and Jacob to fix things yet again. Jack was lying down on a step and Daniel was sitting just in front of him. They looked so nice.

Specific Buffy Reruns
I watched Restless last night to make some notes for a vid. And because it's an excellent ep.

It's interesting to watch it now that Buffy is done, to see how the dreams predicted and foreshadowed. I was struck by the scene in Xander's dream where Buffy is playing in a sandbox like a little girl and Giles and Spike are on the swings. Spike is out in broad daylight. Giles is training him to be a watcher. Spike is wearing a brown suit not unlike the one he wears later on in Tabula Rasa, which I think is purposeful.

In Tabula Rasa, there was one thing that's continued to puzzle me. When all the Scoobies are waking up, with their memories gone, they try to work out who they are and how they might know each other. Giles says that when he looks at Spike, he feels a sense of disappointment. Why? It's so odd.

Also: I miss Tara.

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