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You can call me Hal.

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I'm alive, you're alive, that's good.
Home. Five days gone, travelling three of those, two flights each day. Even with luggage mishap (resolved now), things went okay. But, to quote everybody's favourite character, "So good being home!" I'm not sure how far back I'll be able to read my flist before going cross-eyed. Or going comatose from tiredness. But I'll try!

26 new episodes! So excited! Kill all humans! We're re-watching from the beginning, to get even more psyched up.

So sad about Rafa pulling out. Here's hoping Roger wins, but it just won't be the same. :(

Metric's new album, Fantasies, is the best thing I've heard in about a year. I can't get enough of it. Related to the previous item, every time I listen to Gimmee Sympathy [youtube], I think of Roger and Rafa. And sometimes Ippo and Sendoh.

We watched the anime movie last night. I'm not sure there will ever be anything better than Tezuka killing the dinosaurs. Except maybe the Chinese drama! Watch the S2 trailer and shiver in delight! (Thanks to disutansu for the link!) Here's hoping for lots more of my Holy Triangle. And my boyfriend Ju Wan is as cute as ever.

Saw this a couple weeks ago: hot men, awesome fights, and lots of CanCon. Four claws!

3.0 so good. I want to do more writing on the go. Any suggestions for the best editor? I use Notes for, well, notes, but I hate the font. And still no editing of Google docs via Mobile Safari. I use BBEdit locally, so I want text/html, not Word.

I was doing great with 20 minutes a day for more than two months before work stress derailed me. Now I need to hop back on. Even though it's more work than pleasure, I feel a lot better when I'm producing content. And it's always a joy to have written.


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re dinosaurs, iawtc ♥

Glad to hear everything's going well and that you're back to the writing. I APPROVE OF THIS.

:(((( I wish do re mii was FASTER at putting up the subs!!! I hate knowing that there's an entire other half of a season out there that I can't possibly understand.

ty, you're pretty spiffy, too.

Tenipuri has so much to teach us.

I'm back to writing except for the part where I'm, you know, back to writing. :D Tomorrow, surely.

I'm just so glad they're subbing it at all! I waffle on whether or not to watch the raws; so far I haven't. I might re-watch ep 10 soon, though.

I'm slightly traumatized. :(

I'm so pumped for new Futurama. :)

RE: Wimbledon - I'm so sad to hear Nadal's not playing too, but I'll probably still watch it.

♥ you too. :)

If I have time, I'll watch what I can!

Glad you're back home again! ♥

I, too, saw Wolverine and did not think it was as terrible as everyone claimed. I think the trick for comic book movies is not getting your hopes up too much.

I feel a lot better when I'm producing content. Yes, this! I feel the same way.

Re Wolverine, my expectations were actually so reasonable that they were surpassed, which is always a joy. I'd even see it again, if I had the time.

That's how I felt, too! I mean, I'm not going to go saying it deserves any Golden Globes or anything, but I found it totally enjoyable for being, y'know. Wolverine!

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