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You can call me Hal.

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(no subject)

When some one comes up to you in public because they know you and you clearly don't remember their name and they tell you but completely fail to remind you where you know them from, you probably know them from D&D.

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Crap. This happens to me a lot but I've never played.

You met someone from D&D offline?

Ahahahahaha, I WISH that was true in my case *g*.

I was going to say "you probably know them from an RP."

I guess I was close. XD

My roommate gave me this link and I thought of you: Hajime no Ippo game for wii

I just rediscovered your work and, well, you are just talented. Like, really talented. I love your way of writing, deceptively simple. There is just so much reality in your stories... You know, that's almost like watching a movie. Also I really appreciate your feed-back spirit. Thats very important.

Well, that's about it. Well actually one more thing: I was quite disappointed to find out you were a girl -please do not take this the wrong way-. Just... I can't seem to find any fanboy who also is a good story teller >>; Feeling kinda lonely, as I'd like to share writing tips and all -even if I know I can very well do the same with a girl- with another guy.

On that note, I wish you good day/night/afternoon/whatever.

Thanks for your stories.

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