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Prince of Tennis Chinese Drama Episode 15

Do Re Mii blog post with torrent.

This drama just gets better and better. First training camp, and now this. ♥

Long Ma vs Zhou Yu
So interesting to see how Zhou Yu does so well when he's not being smothered by his big brother! And seeing Long Ma struggle for a bit was delightful. I'm glad he went back to the Er Dao Liu. And not just because I love to watch it. He's going through a great arc with his development now.

Zhou Yu & Zhou Zhu
You know, I just can't quite figure out what went wrong between them. And I have no idea how they can even fix it now. There is something in their dynamic that I don't understand at all. Somehow, I didn't think Zhou Yu would be so angry about Zhou Zhu giving Long Ma tips -- I thought that would actually show respect for him as a worthy opponent. So confused!

Zhou Zhu vs Guan Yue
OMFG. Up until this ep, I had really been bored with Zhou Zhu. Too angsty, too sweet, not much else going on. I just...I'm floored by his deliberate and flagrant cruelty. (Also, a little turned on.) So fucked up, so awesome to see. Damn, I hope Zhou Yu gets a chance to study abroad, though, to escape Zhou Zhu's extremely scary clutches. Poor Guan Yue! His garden-variety evil cannot compete with Zhou Zhu's epic evil. I mean brotherly love.

Hai Tang & weiqi
So. Adorable. ♥

Da Shi &/vs Ju Wan
Ju Wan may be my secret boyfriend, but I really wanted to give him a smack. I love love love the way their relationship is playing out! Actual personality conflict, actual issues. Ju Wan's face when Cheng Wu asked him if he hadn't noticed how Da Shi had to put up with him over the years! It will be so, so sweet when they reconcile.

Chun Long & his dad
A bit melodramatic but it's so great to see Chun Long maturing. I felt so terrible for him, though, having to give up what he loves. And he didn't get sugar from Zhou Zhu at all.

Not much Holy Triangle action to speak of this ep, but I'm still satisfied from training camp, so that's okay. The Guo Guang - Zhen Zhi dynamic was lovely. And Hai Tang and Cheng Wu are still being massively cute together. And there were lots of posters of Rafa on the walls.

Unrelated to this episode: We re-watched the live-action PoT movie recently and I was really struck by how much the Chinese drama draws on it! The opening, where Ryoma comes to the school and Kaidoh challenges him to a match, is spot on. And after the Fudomine match, where they're worrying about Ryoma using nittoryu and such. Only the drama isn't lame like the movie.

Also unrelated: After watching Federer play Djokovic at the US Open, I will never again doubt Prince of Tennis. It's all possible. Even the dinosaurs.
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