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You can call me Hal.

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Shin Tenipuri Manga chapters 14-16
♥ konomi ♥
I hadn't even got around to looking for raws yet and there are scanlations already available!

Basically, all I want to say is: Konomi still loves me.

OMG YAY the losers didn't have to go home! Harsh mountain training! Yanagi, Inui, Kaidoh, and Momoshiro all in the same place for my slashing pleasure! Plus since Kintarou and Ryoma are there, we know that group will get all the page time. :) :) :)

If we get to see a Momo-Kaidoh vs Inui-Yanagi doubles match, I will die happy. Possibly as soon as I've finished reading it. ♥


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I was soooo happy when I realised that the losers would still be there! ♥ I mean TeniPuri without Inui and Kaidoh just doesn't work for me ;_;

I'd been trying to prepare myself for Inui and Kaidoh being split up; so glad that didn't happen! Such a lovely couple should not be separated. ♥

That said, I am totally up for some love triangles as well. :D

As if Konomi would get rid of the losers! He's such a tease, as always ;)

I know -- I never really thought they'd be gone completely, but I didn't want to get my hopes up. He does like to tease!

Hah! I knew it. *pleased*

I assumed something like this would happen but I didn't want to count on it, just in case. :)

OMG YAY the losers didn't have to go home!


i was worried.

I think the losers are even better off than the winners!

It's like my monthly visitor, as soon as I remember "hey, shin tenipuri!" there it is!

I'm not even going to ask if your cycles are synced up.

The first thing that flew into my mind was "that would be inconvenient." But I have no idea why. Hm.

You posted twice in two days? The world is ending. :D

I just caught up from 8 to 16 and I'm so happy! I liked the part where Inui and Yanagi were holding hands on the bus because that's what's happening just out of frame and I won't hear anything different.


I know, I was busy for a few months converting my vast zombie army into a vast cyborg army. But that's nearly complete so I'm back on LJ and you can expect the end of the world as soon as I've got all the kinks in the cyborg programming worked out. :D

I liked the part where Inui and Yanagi were holding hands on the bus because that's what's happening just out of frame

Exactly what I thought when I saw them. ♥ Kaidoh, poor lamb, is trying to decide whether to break them up or settle for Momoshiro.

All the cool kids are in Team Losers.

Also: Renji forfeited just to be together with Sadaharu. Clearly.

Creepily tall coach tells middle school kids they'd drive them home, but drops them off in a dark forest in the middle of nowhere ^^ I love this manga.

So they're being all super-secretive about this secret mountain training thing, but isn't Fuji gonna know the moment he calls home and Yuuta's not there? :D

I'm sure Inui called Tezuka the moment they got there. Possibly to ask his opinion about whether he should share a tent with Yanagi or Kaidoh.

Yanagi should share with Kaidoh. Inui shares with Momo. They switch every π^π hours. Everyone wins.

INUI: [presents complicated schedule of tent sharing, sex having, and doubles partnering] According to my data, this is the optimal arrangement to maximize both tennis training and getting laid.

YANAGI: Sadaharu, I'm already sharing with Genichirou.

MOMO: Inui-senpai, I'm already sharing with Echizen. Except for doubles.

KAIDOH: [punches Inui in the face and goes off to share a tent with Yuuta, where they silently bond over their past experiences being molested by Syuusuke]

OMG, yes, Kaidô and Yûta would be so cute in their tent.

They would be adorable!

Translation request

Hello prillalar,

Sorry to bother you!
I've read your HarryPotter Snupin Fics "Misanthropy,Lycanthropy, And The Pursuit Of Knowledge" and "Plan B" about one and half year ago, at that time I wanted translate it into Chinese in order to share with other fans. I've emailed you then, but letters might be lost in the spam folder.
So could you please tell me your currently email? I'll write to you about the details.

Thank you for those beautiful works!

Best wishes,
lzqsk at hotmail dot com

Re: Translation request

I'm sorry I missed replying to this. I'm very happy you liked the stories enough to want to translate them! Please feel free to go ahead. :)

Thank you for granting me translate your stories, here they are on my own blog:

Misanthropy, Lycanthropy, And The Pursuit Of Knowledg

Paln B

Thanks again : )

Best wishes,

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