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Any interest in an InuKai fic fest?

It might be nice to have an Inui/Kaidoh fic exchange. Here's what I'm thinking:

- stories due mid-January, posting in February
- NOT anonymous - feedback is better for non-anon
- Zhen Zhi/Hai Tang fic allowed
- no particular theme or ratings
- triangles allowed if requested but must end up InuKai
- hopefully, a low-key and fun experience
- if I run this, I will be writing as well!

Interested? Suggestions? Just want to represent for InuKai? Comment!

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YES. I was just today thinking that I really want a good excuse to write InuKai. I would totally be on board!

No promises on writing, but will definitely be reading! And commenting! And loving in general. ^_^

I'm just so excited about having more InuKai fic to read. I hope I can pull this off successfully!

That's awesome with a side of awesomesauce!

Like Helen... I can't promise writing, but I will definitely participate in one form or another!

LONG LIVE INUKAIIII! (With a side dose of Fuji-crazy!)

Yay! (I'm always up for the side dose of Fuji.)

I have never written InuKai but if you are running it I think I want to jump in. ♥

I will totes represent for the InuKai. I can't write them but I will forever give them praise.

They are most praise-worthy.

I'm not a writer but I would love to read them!

Represent! I wholly support it and may even be able to write for it, but I can't commit yet. I love the idea!

Excellent! I'm hoping to have everything organized soon. :)

::Excited, excited::

Great idea. I think that not even my PoT saturation will prevent me from enjoying such a exchange! (...unless it's based on events happening in Shin Tenipuri, that is.)-- Perhaps one of the disclaimers should indicate whether the universe is old series, shin tenipuri or dramapuri. : )

Re: ::Excited, excited::

I'm not sure it's possible for me to reach PoT saturation. :) There will definitely be some sort of indication if the story is drama-based but I don't see how we could differentiate between shin- and non- since it's all the same canon, really.

I know better than to offer writing, but I totally support it!! :DDDD

Yay! I just posted to open everything up! inukai_exchange

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