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More on the InuKai Exchange
inukai hands
Soon all will be ready for sign-ups, just ironing some of the kinks out. In the meantime:

Does anyone have time to whip off a quick InuKai Fic Exchange banner? Just something small with a nice pic of the boys that I can use on comms for pimping. I don't have much by way of lovely source pics and haven't had time to go searching.

Update: I have a lovely volunteer!

I will write you an IK drabble in exchange! ♥

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i'm so excited that you're doing this!

Me too! I feel like I'm head over heels for fandom -- tenipuri and InuKai especially -- all over again.

I hope you'll pimp the exchange when the sign-ups go live!

it's the best feeling ever, isn't it? and of course i will :D

I wish I could make one for you, but unfortunately I don't have the mad skills of tailoredshirt. :(

However, I will make it up by participating.

That more than makes up for it. ♥

I can whip one up if you like! :) Just let me know any sorta text you want on it and your ideal size for it.

You are lovely! Just something in the 150 - 300 px range with a pic of the boys and "Inui/Kaidoh Fic Exchange" on it. I want to be able to post it on comms without having to cut it for being too big. Other than that, I am not picky.

Thank you, flower!

You're quite welcome! :D I'll get right on it and have it to you tonight!

Alrighty, it's done! :D Let me know if it's too ugly or something, and I'll change it or do something different, haha:

That's awesome, thank you so much! With bonus sneaky Inui. :D And I love the font.

Give me a prompt and I'll write you a drabble. :)

Yay, you are welcome (it's the least I can do for the InuKai love as I suck at writing fic)! :D Sneaky Inui is fun, haha!

Ooh, a prompt! You are awesome. ♥ Um... I think I'd love to see some established relationship Inui/Kaidoh by you. In the future--perhaps college-age or older--and living together. And if you can fit them in the drabble, Kaidoh's family being totally warm and accepting of their relationship.

If any of that is doable. XD

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