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You can call me Hal.

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Inui/Kaidoh Fic Exchange - Open!

Announcing The First And Maybe Annual If It's Popular Enough Inui/Kaidoh Fanfic Exchange

- Signups October 29 - November 9
- Stories due January 31
- Posting will not be anonymous
- Exchange Rules
- Signup Post 2009

If you love writing InuKai or if you never have but it sounds like fun, please check it out and watch the community! I'm hoping for an enjoyable and relaxed writing experience and lots of InuKai love for all!

Thanks to trowicia for the banner!

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Edited at 2009-10-29 02:49 pm (UTC)

Look at you, starting a comm and running a challenge and stuff!

I told kestrelsan this is what happens when she leaves me unsupervised for two weeks. :D

I see you do have poor impulse control. (: I hope it turns out to be a boon in this case!

Hi. I am a passer-by who has followed your LJ since a year ago when I got into Prince of Tennis. I just want to tell you that I really admire you for sticking with this series all these while. Although I am not an InuKai fan, I enjoyed all your Tenipuri tagged posts immensely. I came into this fandom late (when I think of PoT, I think of 2004), but whenever I think of your LJ, I don't feel so crazy for actively fangirling this series by my lonesome, somehow.

I do realise this is kind of awkward, but I just started re-watching the anime recently and have been systematically going through your Tenipuri Episodes posts after every episode and I just feel like telling you, thank you.

I hope your InuKai exchange will be a success!

I'm so glad you're enjoying tenipuri! I admit I'm often surprised that I'm still in the same fandom, more than five years later. But it just keeps going and I love it as much as ever.

Those episode summaries were a lot of fun; I sometimes think of picking them up again, if I can find the time. :)

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