Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Shin Tenipuri: 17 & 18

Once again, scanlations for breakfast. ♥ Ah, lovely, lovely crack.

I did think the mountain climbing could have been confined to one chapter, but what the hell, it was fun. Especially the OMG MomoKai manly love love devotion. Oh, my boys, you are real shounen sports heroes now. ♥

crawl on upwards


Jealous much, Inui? That's what you get for holding hands with Yanagi on the bus.

Niou was great (get a haircut and I will love you too) as Atobe. But I read a theory at mangahelpers that Niou and Yagyuu have actually switched places. Is Niou's mole on the correct side?

Sanada, as usual, was très cool. And I love the drunken mountain coach. Can't wait for the training to begin!
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