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You can call me Hal.

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Introvert Socialite

I can't be the only one who judges how successful their weekend was based on how many social events they were able to avoid.

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I don't (need to these days), but I totally understand the feeling.

It's my default position. :)

ahaha, i haven't up til now, but since you've mentioned it, oh, wow, my weekend was TOTAL SUCCESS. :D

Hee! I think I get extra points for this weekend, since I managed to avoid a party, a comic book convention, and two pub trips. Busy!

Seriously, lol'd at this post. I agree.

Pyjama weekends are the best.

By these standards, my weekend was an abject failure. I'm EXHAUSTED. Next weekend it's back to hermitting as usual.

It was a tricky weekend to avoid, so I'm proud of my success.

If I can stay in my pyjamas all weekend and not have to leave the house, then it's been a great weekend. ♥♥ I just wish it would happen more often!

I thought everyone did...

(Deleted comment)
My partner is super-social, so I get tagged a lot that way. I just let him go out to all that stuff by himself.

Usually I'm more on the "how many social events I didn't hate" scale of things, but yeah. I've been there. (:

See, my way cleverly avoids the hate. :D

You are smarter than me. (:

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