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You can call me Hal.

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InuKai Exchange - Four Days Left to Sign Up!
inukai hands

Come one, come all! Sign ups for inukai_exchange are still open through Monday, November 9! Sign up now and receive a free kitten!* Stories aren't due til the end of January, so you don't have to worry about writing until AFTER all your holiday exchanges.

Thanks to everyone who has posted about the exchange! Your support is much appreciated. :) I'm hoping several more people will sign up before the deadline, so keep harassing encouraging your friends and relations who love InuKai.

On a slightly different note, should I be worried that less than half of the people who have signed up to write are actually watching the comm?

Great InuKai Moments in History

That time when Inui was playing Yanagi in singles and working through all his abandonment issues and then his glasses got broken due to pent up emotion and when he put on a new pair and looked up and everyone was cheering for him but he kept looking up and up and up until there was Kaidoh, giving Inui the thumbs up, and then Inui smiled.

Add yours in comments! Zhen Zhi/Hai Tang moments also much appreciated.

* kitten may be imaginary

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It's quite possible I totally forgot I might want to watch the comm, too.

I liked that time that Inui rambled on and on and on and on and Kaidoh didn't punch him.

I liked that time too. :)

Off the top of my head.

Inui taking the Green Towel from Kaidoh.

Kaidoh shouting, "WIN, INUI-SENPAI!"

Kaidoh yelling at Kirihara to "STOP HURTING INUI-SENPAI!!"

Inui grabbed onto Demon!Kaidoh, telling him to stop.

Inui received a phone call, and he ran and ran and ran and hugged Kaidoh in relief that he has been found and he's no longer amnesiac (*points to icon*).

Kaidoh holding Inui's injured hand (in a flashback).

Zhen Zhi and Hai Tang's fingers touching as they both make a grab for the fish.

Zhen Zhi and Hai Tang promising each other that if they win the ranking tournament, they will beat Bing Di. Clasping hands for 25 seconds.

Hai Tang pulling Zhen Zhi into a hug when he found out he was the new manager.

Hai Tang telling Zhen Zhi, "Don't worry about it," after their match against Bing Di, while holding hands and breathing hard and standing close.

Hm... more as I think of them. XD

Edited at 2009-11-07 12:28 am (UTC)

Re: Off the top of my head.

Hai Tang pulling Zhen Zhi into a hug when he found out he was the new manager.

This is so my favourite Zhen Zhi/Hai Tang moment! Hai Tang was so blustery and sweet!

Aw you guys this is so cute :3

Oh, yay and goody gumdrops! I'm so glad I decided to surf LJ tonight; I was thinking about this and wondering when I would see the sign-up post. OK, I'm going to go sign up now instead of blather on about it. :-D

Yay, Veni! Thanks for signing up! I'm so excited to see all the stories we get out of the fest. :)

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