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Wrote a drabble for the slash100 Hearts Pounding challenge: Pulse and Impulse - Legolas/Gimli, PG. Kind of sappy.

Answered the last character interview question: Galadriel


Had a dream about Neville. He was in danger. Also, he was dating Hermione. I mentioned this to the boy when we were at the pub and he was most enthusiastic about it. (It wasn't until afterwards that I realised that we have a very Hermione/Neville relationship ourselves. *g*) Because, he said, Hermione should have a boyfriend for the interim whilst waiting to be old enough to date Snape. (The boy is such a shipper!)

I said, but what about Ron? He opined that Ron could have Goyle. And then reconsidered that Goyle was too good for Ron. I'm not sure why he's down on Ron -- Ron's actually my fave of all the kids.

But so long as Ron was well taken care of, I could really go for Hermione/Neville. I think Neville would appreciate Hermione in a way that Ron doesn't.


Also at the pub, I was distracted by a Stargate episode on one of the TVs. But it was Bane, so I wasn't too distracted.


I've been writing this weekend, working on my rather large (for me) HP WIP and it's excruciatingly hard to get the words onto the page. It makes me wonder -- does this mean the story will be better or worse than one that just pours out of me? Is there even a correlation there?

Do you find that the stories that come easily to you are your better ones? Or are the ones you agonize over a higher quality? Or do you think the hard ones are better but you get more feedback on the easy ones?


I need a drink. I now have a steady supply of caffeine-free Coke, so I can get back to supplicating my muse with rum and Coke, which I've not done since I went off caffeine almost two years ago.

Hail Eris! There is rum. There will be words.

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