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Mad Men Season Finale

I don't usually post about this show but the finale, which I finally got to watch today, was OMG SO AMAZING that I feel the need to flail a bit. And also to cry about how it's going to be SO LONG before we get any more.

I am so over Don Draper but it was really interesting to see how while his own family fell apart, he collected a new one around him. He mended fences with so many of them. Especially Peggy. It's like she's the only woman he hasn't managed to totally destroy his relationship with and he came so damn close.

Peggy was ten kinds of wonderful and I am so, so, SO glad she stood up to Don. She is my favourite character on the show and I hope she gets way more screen time next season. I remain weirded out by her relationship with Duck, but I feel she's got a lot of agency there -- she's doing it because she wants to -- so I guess we'll see how it goes.

Pete makes me clutch my heart and make woobie faces whenever he's on screen. He just cuts me to the quick, somehow. Watching him and Trudy work together is a fine, fine thing.

♥♥♥ JOAN ♥♥♥ And Roger. They are. Just. God.

I'm so worried about Betty. I like her a lot and I think Don is awful for her but I can't see that this is going to be any better. And the kids. Sally is one of the best characters on the show and I just want her to be okay.

I love the energy of the new company! Pretty much all the good characters are there and I don't think I'll miss anyone who got left behind. Except Hildy. Bring back Hildy!

In conclusion: WANT MORE NOW.
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